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  1. Hmmm.... I went back to my file today, and the problem is gone. I don't think I did anything that would have fixed this, so I'm not sure what the problem was. Incidentally, other files were printing fine.
  2. I'm using VW 10.5 on Mac OS 10.3.9, printing to an HP5100 laserprinter. I have a large file that has been behaving fine for about a year. Suddenly today the fonts are printing wrong. Each letter is printing slightly bigger than it should - but without the spacing increasing, so the edges of the letters overlap and the text is borderline illegible. I have checked in the file and everything seems to be right. Saving to a PDF first, then printing the PDF also looks fine. Nothing new has happened to the machine since I last printed successfully - no installs, no printer drivers, etc. Thoughts?
  3. Yes, that did it. I didn't realize that VWorks would automatically make my dimensions as "dimensions" class, instead of the class that was active when I created it. Seems strange, are there any other tools that create objects on a class other than the active?
  4. I've got a file, brand new today, that when I draw a dimension, I can only modify it while it's selected immediately after creation. If I click off the dimension object, then go back to delete it or modify it, I can't select it. The only way to get rid of it is to undo-undo-undo until I get back to when I first made it. Is there something that controls or toggles this, or is it a bug?
  5. I seem to have fixed it, but I had to completely reinstall my system from original CD's then redo all my patches and upgrades. For curiosity's sake, here's what I tried that didn't do it: -new user account -permission repairs -reinstall Vworks -printer repair utility Thanks for all your help, and have a good weekend, Pete
  6. I have verified and repaired disk permissions several times, both before and after experiencing this problem. I'm focused on VWorks because all of my other apps work fine.
  7. I was using Appletalk for my old HP4mv. I am now using Rendezvous for my new HP5100. I am having this problem with both. Again, this problem is limited to one computer. Other computers (same model, same system, same printers, same files--same everything) do not have this problem, and they can print all files fine (including ones that I can't). Katie, can you give me instructions on a clean install for Vworks? Or how to completely uninstall so I can try starting over? Or do you think that's not a productive avenue to explore? What else can I try?
  8. The first few times I let it go for several minutes. The last time, I let it sit there for a couple hours.
  9. okay, tried that, several times. sometimes the file showed up in the printer monitor, then disappeared, and i got nothing (no print, no error printout, no other printer error message). sometimes the file just sits in the printer monitor as long as I let it. it says "starting job" with a spinning non-progress bar for a long time, then the status simply says "printing" but nothing happens. it stays like that until i delete it from the print queue.
  10. Hi Katie, Thanks for the quick reply. 1. I'm using OS 10.3.3 2. Nothing custom in my printer settings, just using defaults. 3. Yes, I've run disk utility, but that didn't help. Pete Aidlin Darling Design
  11. Yes, unfortunately that didn't help. I created a new file from scratch this afternoon, that prints fine so far. In case it helps, the files that I work on most of the time are shared across our network. They also contain title blocks that are imported from old MiniCAD files via VWorks 8.5. However, I have 7 other machines in the office (same OS, same hardware, same Vworks) that don't have any printing problems.
  12. I've got 6 VWorks licenses to share in a small office, Mac OSX. We recently got Renderworks, but only need one copy. It's not a major part of our daily routine, but it would be nice if everyone can use it periodically as needed for specific projects. However, it seems that I can't have VWorks and RWorks serial numbers in the same app, which leaves me the following options: 1. Try a parallel install, so each machine has both Vworks and Rworks installed as separate apps. (Haven't tried that yet, but I presume it works.) Slightly irritating to have to do, but manageable. 2. Dedicate only one machine for Rworks. Very irritating, since we don't have a spare machine for this purpose, and if we did it would sit unused 95% of the time. Is there a way to have Rworks installed on each machine, but not activate the Rworks-specific features on more than one at a time? Is there another option that I haven't thought of, and/or does anyone have suggestions on the above two scenarios?
  13. I have VWorks 10.5, on Mac OSX. I'm running it on a Powerbook G4, printing to HP Laserjet 5100tn and to HP Laserjet 4mv, across ethernet network. Yesterday I printed my files to 11x17 format no problem. Today, when I send them they vanish--and never print. Sometimes they show up in the printer monitor, status "starting printing," then they disappear, and don't print. This has happened to me a couple times before. Once a file has this problem, I have never successfully printed it from my machine again. But, when I open the same file on another machine in the same network, I can print it fine. This happens to both printers. I have never had this problem with any other application--only with VWorks. I've tried reinstalling the application, but just by copying over from another location. That doesn't seem to be a clean install (doesn't lose preferences or serial numbers), but I haven't yet found instructions to uninstall VWorks so I can start over. I have done permission repair under OSX. Any tips on clean reinstall and/or other printer troubleshooting?
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