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  1. Thanks for the info. After writing, VW has been crashing nonstop. I was in 12.5.2 and will update.
  2. I just upgraded my machine and am now running OS10.5.7. When I opened VW12.5, the ruler showed as filled with "noise", like a sand pattern. Any ideas on what may be causing this/how to fix? Thanks!
  3. Katie, while you're at it, another graphic bug is that the line weight of the door thresholds is controlled by the door jamb setting! One would never want the line weight of the jamb (heavy) to look the same as the threshold (light). If you know a way around this, please let me know.
  4. I have windows in a plan with walls that are filled solid grey to indicate they are existing. I would like to have the windows in the same wall also show filled jambs, as I'm able to do with the doors. However, when I try to do this with windows, the whole window shows filled, including the sills both interior and exterior. dis be craazy. I can't find a setting to fix this so only the jambs show filled. Please don't tell me to turn off the sills, I bought this program for its graphics!
  5. As a novice, I was wondering what might be the best way to become the subject of one of Petri's insults? I feel really left out. I have posted, but so far, I haven't heard a peep from Petri; but then again I tend to only ask questions about line weights.
  6. Very sad. This program used to handle this type of thing so well, especially compared to the other modeling programs. Such is progress.
  7. I've noticed that when the thresholds are turned on for a typical door in a wall, they take on the line weight of the jamb in plan view. This is sillier than tree squirrels with bridal gowns coming out their butts. Does anyone know why or how to override this crazy setting. I would like to use the lightest line weight available for thresholds in plan. Perhaps I'm missing something? Feed the freaks!
  8. Do you think its possible we're the only ones? This seems like a huge ball of fire you don't want to play around with twice! Any veterans out there care to comment? Or am I just stupid to rely on the undo tool to undew?
  9. I was using the eyedropper tool to update some doors in a floor plan, but made a furr-duck and used it on a door that needed to remain as is, so I sped off into command-Z land and found that not only wouldn't it undo the action, but it deleted the door, leaving me only a wall with a hole in it! No amount of "undo" would get me my doors back! What planet did I visit? Whats going on here?
  10. thanks much! One of the problems I have is that although I'm making a free form object, I'm making it from rational dimension circles so that a carpender can easily lay it out. So I need to use arcs to connect the circles. But it seems that your suggestion will work regardless.
  11. I'm trying to create a freeform undulating shape composed of arcs where all the arcs are tangent to adjacent arcs. I find this easy in sketchup but cannot figure how to do it in VW, without a wholesale "construction" of something I want to be freeform. How do you do it?
  12. My window settings are set to class 'None', there is no fill asssociated with this class, yet the window displays grey. I am working in plan, and the window showing grey is distracting like an old man with no pants. There must be a solution!
  13. What I don't understand is why it all of a sudden went grey. Is this a 12.5.1 thing? I'm afraid to select any of my other windows, as they are fine!
  14. A window in a plan I'm working on turned grey when I selected it, which is to say, it became filled, though not the whole window, just the sill/stool/sash, the jamb remaining unfilled. I searched all over for a class within the window that might be hiding a fill that became engaged, but there is nothing. All parts are set to class "none", which has no fill. Any ideas?
  15. Nice drawing. Do all line weights have to be added afterward? I can't tell if there are more than 2 line weights.
  16. I've considered creating a model, but doesn't that mean that you have to create every single part? So that if you have reveals in a door frame, you would have to create them in the model? I thought it might be too time consuming to model all the details.
  17. Is that going to ruin the plan's location in the plan viewport, unless I return it to its original position?
  18. I'm an AutoCad user at work, using VW at home for side work. I am currently drawing interior elevations, and am used to being able to draw them from plans that were "xref'ed" into my drawing and rotated to align wall and openings. In VW, I can see how to show a plan by turning on the plan layer, but how do you rotate the thing without changing the nature of the original plan? Or, how do VW users draw elevations, if you don't have a fully developed model? I tend to use the program for 2D work, and haven't build a complete model of my project.
  19. You can turn off the grids as an option in the object info palette.
  20. PJ, will the settings you described result in a heavy profile line (the wall thickness) around the assembly of the door/window? This is the case in 12.0.1, and I have read that that feature no longer works in 12.5, and so have been reluctant to upgrade from 12.0.1.
  21. One of the issues that came up for me a while back, and lead to the discussion of why I should have been annotating in the viewport, is that if you are using the base drawing for other drawings at different scales, you need to manage classes so each drawing has an annotation class that matches the drawing scale. The nice thing about notation in the viewport was that you didn't have to create all those other classes.
  22. Joe, the line weight of the dimension lines and extension lines is set by class, or manual override. The settings for the arrows are made in Tools>Options>Arrow heads.
  23. Ok, I right click on the viewport, click on edit, click on annotations, and all my annotations disappear. Is what I've already done doomed? Do I start over?
  24. OK I know this is stupid, but I spend my days pushing AutoCad buttons, only to come home and do this VW thing. So here's my elementary question: I was told over a forum topic to do all annotations in the viewport, known to me as "paper space", which is usually a no-no in autocad. Regardless, thats what I've been doing. But the dimensioning won't scale to the drawing scale, only to the true scale of 1:1. I have the viewport set to the correct scale, and I can't find another setting to correct the scale of the dimensions, and the manual is no help. Is there consensus that dimensioning should be done in the viewports? If so, how do you adjust the scale?
  25. I have to say that I tried the update, and was met by a wildly colored spinning ball that went on and on. After I woke up, I tried again, suffered another spinning ball, and then, gave up. I did not report the problem because after looking over the posts, I came to realize that someone had already complained about 12.5 reverting to line weight behavior that was a bug in 12.0, but fixed in 12.0.1, only to be a problem again. So I'll wait for (hope for) an update to the update.
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