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  1. Hi tom Thanks for that - makes perfect sense. Follow up question, without showing plan viewports in 3D I assume there is no way of getting those roof hatches to show correctly without doing a bit of invisible mending within the viewports? PS The left object is confusing things as its showing material by component on a roof face and the component didn't match... I rushed out an example but you got the gist and helped anyway!
  2. See attached three images of the same geometry - two roof faces and one roof object with two different textures on for reference. The images are in Top/Plan, Hidden Line and Open GL rendering mode. Can anyone tell me why on earth in Top/Plan the surface hatch won't behave in the same way as in the other two modes? The other two modes show clearly that the geometry, texture and surface hatch is working how I want it to so it just baffles me and messes with our viewports which would usually be in Top/Plan. Any help gratefully received before I pull what remains of my greying hair out...
  3. I've just upgraded to 2020 and once again been left disappointed by a total lack of upgrade to the window/door tool (barring a nifty barn door tool - who on earth prioritises that over actual functional openings?!) but I digress. Perhaps naive this question, why does the Dutch version have a tool which looks like it would literally nip the constant requests for bifold/sliding door configurations but it isn't rolled out for all? If the coding/technology is there, surely it is an easy win for VW? Watching those Youtube clips made me sad!
  4. Looking for a Vectorworks Architect + Renderworks licence if anyone has one going spare!
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