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  1. it will take pages ^^ if i start now for all functions. okay, i see it will take some time.


    for the first, i want to have for each segment a red symbol placed (3D-cabinet of Extragroups Interiorcad) and a popup for each segment where i can select a symbol which is placed. 🙂

  2. Hi there,


    has someone experience with this?


    I need this for making the black symbols (with interiorcad 3D-cabinets and or or interior 3D-parts) unique.

    If they are in a black symbol and i place it more then 1 time in my workspace there will be collusions with the databaserecords when i "symbol to group" them.

    So i might need this "DoMenuTextByName" somehow to make them individual.


    BR KingChaos


    VS:DoMenuTextByName - Vectorworks Developer




    ah ok, my english is not best but i think i got it now.


    Can you tell me some hints for the "3D-Pfadobject", this is what i need for a very cool tool.


    I want to let the user sketch a polyline (only lines no arcs) and behind this a sales counter/cabniets will appear in seperate modules (in red symbols). Then we can apply cabinets on the whole wall with 1 polyline for purchaseinformation about the chipboards and fittings in a few seconds and for rendering if u need a fast cheating-fassade of cabinets just to make some renderpics for the customer.


    Like you see here i do it with topsolid (mov1).


    i made it with a marionette with a control geometry. But its not working 100% until the extragroup will implement dowels and screws in the backwall of the cabinet. 99 % of all carpenters use "medium-density fiberboardAE" with notches as a backwall. But Store construction cabinets use allways 19 mm chipboards witch u cant nutch. When i apply some dowels and screws outside the cabinet container of interiorcad the symbol will turn blue and the parametric is lost.


    I THINK THAT, Only if all the the cabinetparts 100 % intern jointed/connencted i will have a red symbol and can modify the databaseentries (length, width and height). But this wont take more then 1 upgrade then 2024 i think it could be realised in 2025.


    I want to be ready if this will come.


    in the videos u see, that is a polyline, and i can apply some cabinets behind it. If i change the poly, all cabinets are following.

    This works not so bad a i described, but only with cabintets without dowels and screws.


    the marionette was not so complicated but has some oddities too. Each cabinetsymbol must be different (in the ress. manager), because of the naming of the cabinets and cabinet parts. Therefore computerworks gave me this hint, to use the command.


    VS:DoMenuTextByName - Vectorworks Developer


    It should start the "namingprocess" which automatically ran, if u copy a cabinet with strg+mouse1. Else i have several 3DParts vom Interiorcad with the same name and then the databaseconnection is lost on all except one part.


    In VWX my "path extrude" projects looks like this, 3 years passed since then


    (mov 2).


    Now i have some capacity to put it on a new lvl, why not with 3D-Path-Extrude Plugin?


    br KC

  4. 11 hours ago, MullinRJ said:

    If I was going to script my solid, I would probably use SubtractSolid() to make a shell. There is also the Shell Solid Tool, if you are drawing manually.

    yeah this is how my marionette for metal parts works. except the miterdatabaserecord all is working properly.


    i made Solid for the drillings (cylinders and or cones) and for the endmiter and subtract them.


    to reduce the number of nodes i sketched each cross section with a 2D geometry and use this to extrude and subtract.



    But now i want a new approach.


    @ Jesse: i USED this point object, only the icon was of tool 🙂



    now i ask myself, wether a path extrude works like the wall plugin from vwx.



    i could use it later for my masterplan.


    can u specify what difference i from point to rectangle and what malus (oddities) u spoke about?

    QRX V11_clean.vwx

  5. the marionette i made (500 nodes) compiled 20 min to object and was very bad.


    this is faster with 150 nodes but its to slow.



    so i made it slimmer but it took several minutes to update, after i modified the xg cabinet, where i used it as a box object.


    the problem is, that marionette does a spaghetticode, useless lines of code each node so this is not the way i can use.


  6. not at this time, but i think i will make it.


    before i used topsolid and there is not a single line, square or circle without any callable parameter in the topsolid. so there is nothing complicated scripting needed like here. All stuff is assoziative and follow IN REAL TIME all modifications u make. So as i started VWX i was only able to cry about this "dead geometry "  😛 

  7. i never made a single code in vectorspript by my own.


    i just tried to find the code in the exported vxw as text for getting startet creating parametrical objects without marionette.


    in marionette i got a few very complicated things even melissa meant (wow she said) but they are so slow in vwx, so i try to fix it with making the geometry with the code directly.


    BUT i have no time for this to learn while i am sketching projects in interiorcad, so i will take only smalls steps each week. 🙂





    thx a lot so far.


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  8. MullinRJ hey,


    i made 




    is this the complete scriptpart of thix extrude?


    {Object Creation Code}

    objectHandle := LNewObj;
    SetDropShadowData(objectHandle, 0,0.1,0.05,#315.0000000000d,75,0,0,0);
    EnableDropShadow(objectHandle, FALSE);


    if yes, how to make this variable with the p? and how to make a parametertable?


    br NILS H. from Germany



  9. how to dock variables like in an oip panel?


    i am new to scripts, i dont know a lot about it, how to use, how to combine, how to save or how to merge different scripts.


    i have some script here, i need to "merge" with that script out of my marionette


  10. maybe its possible to remove all the datastamps in the duplicated layer, that could fasten it up, maybe. i will check before the script "is made somehow by someone"

  11. the marionette is working well (its taking a little bit time, but its working.), EXCEPT problems occuring with the symbolcharacter of the interiorcadparts.


    But this is not so problamatically, because i will make a clone of the file before, use the marionette and copy the duplicated parts in the original file.


    i use symbols with included interiorcadparts, they will have databaseproblems after I "symbol to group" all IF there is a symbol more then 1 time in the file. The parts are not renamed, like they will if u copy them with holding "ctrl. mouse1".


    another question is coming in my mind, in excel there is a makro recorder for stuff u do to get a vba code out of it.


    If i use the "change similar objects" button, i can make a filter and make this selection into a vectorworks script. Is it possible here, to record what i do to make my own scripts? 🙂


    br KC



  12. bonus would be,


    start the script "Datentranfer Schlossere Data" a first, it is in the file.


    the script reads out the subrows of a filtered list in a spreadsheet and make them real rows in a different spread sheet. Thomas made it for me


    @Thomas W thanks ay lot.

  13. Hi not exact but close to it.


    what i finally need is:


    ALL objects with DB Record Schlossereimetallbau (which has no record "ET" in article number) on the "duplikate metallbau" layer unsymboled, to stamp them.

    All stuff is in black-symbols, what i need.


    with marionette i was not able without a detour, so i made the marionette like u saw it.

    its impossible to copy the symbols to this layer, because of their local coordinates, they would be placed in global coordinates. 

    So i used the desymbol note vom computerworks and by surprise it did not unsymbol it, it makes a copy (group) of it, thats great.

    the temp layer i only used because i had no better idea of how to make it.


    the cript should:


    0. clean "duplikate metallbau"-layer

    1. copy all objects from layer "fertigung 1" (here it would be great to pick a layer with pulldown instead of fixing it to "fertigung 1") WITH db connection to schlosserei  metallbau AND WITHOUT "ET" in field articlenumber.

    2. clean temp-layer



    My first attempt was to duplicate the whole layer, but there was no node in marionette and it tooks several minutes (a way tooooo long) to do it.

    BUT I would be not the worst thing, if it would be faster.

    the plus here is, i can conserve the group structure in which the objects are, but this is not longer needed as prio1 while i delete all stuff which is:

    (not connected to metallbau) OR (has ET in articlenumber) OR (is a group.)


    Then all groups WITH objects wont be deleted and i have the same "groupstructure" as in my constructionlayer.


    sry for my bad english 🙂


    br KC


    PS: is somethin missing?

  14. Hi There,


    is it possible that someone here can make a script out of my small marionette?


    Only 1 thing must be different, is has to pick the objects (criteria) not from "Fertigung Baugruppe1" but from the active Layer.




    br KC



    PS: Maybe a pythonscript works faster, i dont know then i need a pythonscript. Would be great to have such a powerful tool like this to make it start by a shortcut and saves me hours.

    script from network.vwx

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