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  1. I am an exhibit designer and our industry is heading down a very different path since the outbreak of COVID 19. We are moving into hybrid models where inline or virtual exhibits are being requested more and more. Using VectorWorks to model and RenderWorks to render and animate is a fantastically fast and efficient way of resting these environments. The only issue I am running into is in many exhibit spaces there are now lots of opportunities for digital concept. So the big thing missing from VectorWorks is the ability to map animated content to surfaces and have them running during walk through animations. This would be a game change for what I do.. Unfortunately today i know have to export my latest model to Arltlantis so I can add digital content. So it means adjusting all my maps and camera angles and dealing with the clunky Artlantis animation interface. I did see animation concrete in a spotlight tutorial online but cannot find any direction as to how it was done. Anybody have any ideas how I can work around this issue or even better is there a plan in the works to allow the mapping of digital content.
  2. Hi Tamsin, I think the last service pack must of addressed the issue ! My viewports are working perfectly... I'm really enjoying rendering in RenderWorks I'm having a lot a very positive feedback about the renderings and animations. Thanks Paul
  3. Same issue here... Crashes whenever I set a new viewport then try to render it... Re-open the file and the viewport renders fine.. Same happens if I create a new file.... I have set Verbose error reports so you should be getting a lot of reports from me the last week or so..'' I'm a huge fan of RenderWorks... Especially as Artlantis is now so awful to work with..' But this is getting frustrating trying to hit deadlines when I have to to keep re-launching VW. Actually I found VW 2020 to be the buggiest version I have ever used... Hopefully this will be fixed soon... Maybe back to 2019 for a while...
  4. Hi Nans Thanks for the advice.... I tried out cloud services and thats exactly what I was looking for... Thanks Paul
  5. I'm a long time VW user and am using RendersWorks for more and more of my projects. Generally for hi level renders I would use Artlantis. But am looking to the potential for using RenderWorks to create my final renders instead. I have been impressed with my initial explorations the lighting is much easier to set up in VectorWorks ! I am also starting to use Twinmotion to create VRs and walkthroughs which works well with exported VectorWorks files. So I have two questions / requests. 1> Having the ability to map movies to planes would be amazing (Currently using Cinema4d to map movies before exporting to Twinmotion) 2>Is there a way to render viewports in the background soI can still use VectorWorks or the ability two run two copies of VectorWorks at the same time. If these don't exist can they be included in VW 2021.
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