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  1. Yeha I ahd trouble with mapping putting a logo on my timer. HOw fast is your computer? Make sure ther are no other programs running at that time or try using a free up ram program. Make sure there is sufficient ahrd disk space if it carsheswhen youre rendering. It needs a certain amountof space to render properly. That's why I had so much trouble at school so I upgraded my account to 110MB.
  2. YAY ARchitecture time NIC! sorry didnt go to show was workin but am gonna go to southbank homeshow.
  3. HEH! All during my asignment as wella s saying WINDOWS IS LOW ON VIRTUAL MEMORY! It would suddenly go Visual C+++ Error: Abnormal Program Termination! AND IT WOULD JUS CLOSE VECTORWORKS!!! A RGH! hapeend so amny times and not just for me. many others as wll. Mr Gannon said it may have been a bug in the prgram. IS ther a reason why this occurs? HAs anyone else experienced this problem?
  4. HAHAH! Have you finfished yet Alex? lol. ACK! Architecture comin up. I am going to permanent Home Show at Southbank to get Leaflets and ideas. I am gonna make alot of my stuff using 3D modelling. I suggest you place you object in you house somewhere. Im doin it and so is Nic and maybe ohters.
  5. quote: Originally posted by 0XiDE: I have the same problem and it's really becoming agrivating. I use version 10 at school and 9.5.1 at home, both which have the same results. Is there anyway to clear the object's history so that it increases performance and response time? Thanks
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