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  1. hi, i've got latest version of vw architect. student version. ( although at my work its vw 7 and does the same thing) I'm on windows xp with a dual 1.8 athlon 1.5 gig. with a gfti4600. Is that what you menat by memory configuration? I get the feeling. vw isn't up to it. Luckily archicad is to have full boolean operations added in version 8 so i'm leaving vw in the dust.It can't even export to viz 4 without messing up. And i'm hardly going to use renderworks or artlantis to render images am i!! I think vw needed to re appraise what exactly its cumstomers want to do.
  2. Good question, can we get a reply please. And don't say create an image file like computers umlimited in england. ( bunch of reprobates )
  3. why does practically every add or subtract solid i do tell me that the geometry can't be computed?? Sometimes i change the fill colour and it lets me? What is going on!!! GRRRR
  4. right, but is that a file that yo can send to a third party publishing package or a direct printing technique? I'm a bit lst. Post script is a word i hear but don't know what it is. IS it just a normal file i can open up in in design? Is it to the same scale? This last point is obviously important and also a problem for me.Pdf's printed from acrobat reader are the most popular way at my uni so i don't want to rock the boat by being akward. It's very much an archicad uni so i'm not with the in crowd! If only they new!
  5. When i used archicad, it would export as an eps and be clear and shrap in in design for printing. However with vw it seems to slice up fills and the hole image quality isn't that great. I'm told i can save as an image fill with very high res. Is this really an option. Is the only answer to get who ever is printing to download the vw viewer to print direct vw files with my presentation on it?
  6. ok. So i'm new hereand these questiond may have been asked quite a lot so sorry in advance! With the pattern, are they only in one pixel size? All too oftern the pattern is far to heavy. I want tiny dotts for grass areas, but it looks like dead flies on the paper. Can you change this? Colour in the attribute modify section can be lightened or darkenen, but this only realtes to individual worksheets. Can you download a pantone colour set or suchlike to use? I have found that for nice fills and colours in a presentation, vecotorworks lets me down on what otherwise is a fantastic drafting tool
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