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  1. Hi, yes I think you are right. I found a way around the problem by temporarily assigning a name, which then allows me to access the object in script using vs.LengthN, etc.. Seems to work, so it'll do for now. I just thought it would be easier to access the object properties once selected, but guess not. Thanks
  2. Hello, I'm not very experienced in drawing stuff in VectorWorks, but I've run into a problem which I'm sure is a mistake on my part. Basically I draw a 2d square and set X to 100 and Y to 100, then I extrude the shape by 100. I have then written a script which looks at the resulting cube and should return me the dims i.e. 100 x 100 x 100. Instead, what happens is the length dim returns 100 as expected, but I get varying other values for the other 2 dims, 135 and 155. I'm using vs.HLength, HWidth and HHeight to retrieve these values in the script and am a bit stumped by it. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong here? Russell
  3. Hi, I'm hoping to use an external tab delimited TXT to store a master price list for use with our CAD drawings. The file contains over 12,000 item codes which means I can't load it into a worksheet in VectorWorks as the row limit on those is 4094. I've proven I can open and read a line from the file, but then I wanted to test how quickly VectorWorks could scan through the rows, so I simply put in a while loop in with an incremental counter variable. At the file of the while loop (based on EOF), the loop should exit and give me the number of lines read (loops done in effect) by displaying the counter variable in a dialog (using AlrtDialog). I set this running and waited (a long time), but the dialog didn't get displayed and interface was locked out so I assume the script was still running. 2 possiblities: 1) the loop has a fault causing it to loop indefinitely or 2) VectorWorks is really slow at reading lines from a file. I don't it's option 1 as I've checked the loop code and am pretty sure it's fine. I wondered if anyone could tell me if there are limits to the number of lines or file size that can be read with VectorScript and/or is VectorScript just really slow (in which case pretty useless) at reading files? Thanks Russell


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