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  1. thanks Katie I'll giveit a try Mike
  2. Hi Katie I tried printing again from a file that has given me trouble in the past and of course now it works just fine ! if it hapens again I will try pasting to a new file and see if it solves the problem and if not I'll ship it off to you Thanks for getting back to me Mike
  3. Hi I am attempting a stie model for the first time and have made several experimental versions to try getting the hang of it I created a new layer on which to input the source data and tried the grid entry and 2d poly the grid method seemd to work best for me so I set up a new one with real data on a new layer after entering all the heights the site model dialog box has the layer options greyed out and has the experimental layer refrenced in it which I can't change so if i click ok it uses the data on the exp layer instead of the new one. can I fix this and what did i do wrong ?? thanks Mike
  4. Hi Katie no it does not show up on the screen and no i don't have active only set i have all layers visability turned off except for my borders and titles layer and layers are set to show others that way only the layer i am using shows up with the borders and titles showing through (if that makes sence to you) any way the printer is an hp 722c latest xp driver Thanks for getting back to me Mike
  5. Hi I have an odd printing problem when printing from a layer linked model the page prints normaly except for the addition of a tiny model in the upper left corner this only seems to happen from a layer link and not allways although once it has happened in a file it will happen again Has anyone else seen this?? Mike
  6. Hi I had the transom problem but not the tool crashing Katie sent new pios which solved the transom problem but I can't say about the crashes Mike
  7. Hi You are not the first with this problem nna has made up new pios for this problem Katie sent me a set a while back which took care of the problem . If you like e mail me and I'll fwd to you or you can ask Katie to send them to you Mike mikeswood@yahoo.com
  8. Make sure that nothing is selcted by clicking on a blank spot on the drawing then change the color in the atributes pallette and font, size, style in the text menue select the text tool and then your text will be what ever color you chose this also applies to other objects you draw (line ,polygon, etc) if you change the atributes with an object selected then only that object is changed or change attributes with nothing selected and all objects created after will take on the new settings till you change again
  9. silly question ... do yiu have a fill in the wall ?? MIKE
  10. Just for the record on pc with xp vwa rw active with file open but but no activity on my part cpu usage is 4-6% same situation but in bacground vw uses 2% I have been a suer since mc7 always on pcs and have never seen this problem Mike
  11. Hi Yovav I had the same problem with 10.00 .Katie sent me a new window pio which cured the problem . I thought 10.01 would have had the new pio included any way if you like I will find that e mail and send it to you . perhaps it will solve your problem as well e mail me at mikeswood@yahoo.com if you need it Mike
  12. Hi Katie I have converted the template containing (drawing borders title boxes etc...) to each sucessive version like any other file by just opening it in the new version I rarely go back to older versions (although I have back to version 8.0 installed , I removed the minicad versions with my last hardware upgrade) any way I guess the question is are the old converted templates possibly causing problems?? I don't have a closed object box in the oip . but one is in the object properties box (double click tool) and it is checked In any event since I deleted the bad template I can't recreate the problem so this is mostly wasting time you could be spending with people who have real problems Thanks again for your help Mike
  13. Katie Thanks I folowed your sugestion and am making solid polyline extrudes again in my standard template . this template is one that I have copied from one version to the next as far back as I can rember is this possible that is the problem ??? I have several others of varying ages and so far no problems with them Thanks again Mike
  14. HI Katie I did some more tinkering I opened a new doc with a diferent template and both polyline and polygon work normaly this is without a restart and the ofending drawing still open in the backround I also tried to copy a properly filled extruded polyline from the working drawing to the other and it remained properly filled in fact I can turn off the fill and back on and it works fine???????? isit posible that my standard template has some prefrence misset or perhaps corupted . Mike
  15. Katie That is how I thought it should work but it doesn't I just tried it again with a new blank doc I create a closed polyline object with a solid fill , extrude it 'render it and I get an object that is only the perimeter with no fill showing but the attributes pallette shows a solif fill with the object selected oddly I just tried it with the polygon tool again and it creates a hollow object as well which is new I used it friday and i got a solid ????? Mike
  16. Hi Buz I did some experimenting with this . when i use a pio cab with the class atributes set to fill and a color with or without the use at creation box checked they come in filled the symbols however ignore the attributes pallett setings and class settings and have to be edited to change style or color so I think based on this that the use at creation box over rides the settings on the attributes pallette for pios I could not duplicate your experiance with any combination I could think of maybe it has to do with version or platform Mike
  17. Hi Buz you can tell the pio cabs from the symbols in 2 ways the pios have their names in red in the object browser and are titled something like "base cab" in the obj info palette while 3d symbols are named in black in the browser and titled as 3d symbol in the obj info pallette and as you point out are not modifiable in the obj info palette as for the fill i think pios usualy take on the class attributes while i beleive symbols use the class attributes as they were when it was created you can however edit them to take on any fill or color or class style you want which will update all copies of that particular symbol Hope this helps mike
  18. this may seem like a dumb question (it does to me) when I extrude a closed poly line with solid fill the result is an extrude of the perimeter not what I expected ( a solid) using the polygone tool yeilds a solid as long as I don't edit in any curves (which changes it to a poly line) the object I am looking for is nonsymetrical so I can't sweep it ..now the question how do I get a solid object from a curved 2d object???????? I can't beleive I can't figure this out !!! can any one straighten me out Mike
  19. Hi Katie That make perftect sence I did notice the double file names but I had the browser set for thumbnails and the extentions were truncated anyway I've got it now thanks for your help and thanks to mikeb as well Mike
  20. Hi MIKEB thats what I thought but it shows up in the images section of the object browser and is not in the texture list that pops up on the texture tab in the obj info palett?????????? Mike
  21. Hi I have been looking through the images included with vw and contained in the mcd files Ie masonry.mcd . My question is how do I use these in a texture I am familure with creating textures with images i have elseware but how do i select the included images once in the texture creation dialog . I have imported the image from masonry.mcd to my active drawing Whats next??? Thanks Mike
  22. HI Just stumbled on a flag and pole 3d model at www.abscissa.net on their freebies page Mike
  23. Hi I would be real interested in finding an answer to that as well Mike
  24. Hi small problem , I can print 1 copy only regardless of the # of copys setting in the print driver . this is new to me It works properly from word and excel and used to work in 9.52 any ideas Mike
  25. Hi nic when you select the roof there is a check box"create gable end walls" in the obj info pallete which is checked by default just un check it and they are gone Mike
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