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  1. I have recently updated to 10.5 and have found that when using the trim icon that arrowheads have been added to some trimmed lines. Is this a bug or a prefrence that can be controlles somewhere?
  2. Hi Katie, As I mentioned at the start: > I have tried changing the options in the > Folder Options->File Types dialog, but no joy. > When restarting Vectorworks, it asks to fix the > file associations, which I let it do, but it > still doesn't work. I think I have tried all of the usual things, and played around with the associations a bit. I have just done a trial on one of the computers though, and deleted the nemetschek entries in the registry apart from the HKEY_USER entries, and things seem fine. I would prefer a simple registry file though to just run on startup on the network, so if this is something that Nemetschek cannot provide, I will look into producing one myself. Best regards Ronan Fitzgerald
  3. Hi Katie, If I have to do this on every computer in the office it will take an age. Either we will have to create a .reg file to execute on each machine and hope for the best that the HKEY_USERS setting doesn't affect it, or you guys create one and test it. I don't think this is too much to ask as it is related to a problem with the VW 10.5 update. Ideally this would then be added to the update and rereleased. Best regards Ronan Fitzgerald
  4. Telephone support is a bit rubbish in the UK, unfortunately. Also, this is happening to about 4 machines so far, all that have been upgraded from VW 10.2, and some which have VW 8.5 still installed on them. Can you do me a favour and write a .REG file that will delete all the entries and post it up. Thanks Ronan
  5. Yeah, the icons are there, and it says the application responsible for opening is Vectorworks. Any other possibilities...???
  6. Hi, We have recently run the update for 10.5 on a number of computers, however, for some reason, when we click on a .MCD file nothing happens. I have tried changing the options in the Folder Options->File Types dialog, but no joy. When restarting Vectorworks, it asks to fix the file associations, which I let it do, but it still doesn't work. The only way I have of opening the files, is to browse from within VW, or dragging the files onto VW from explorer, which isn't too bad, but as a lot of users are used to just double clicking on a file and waiting for a few minutes for VW to load, it gets a bit frustrating, as they are not sure how long to leave it before they realise that it just isn't going to open. Please can you help us out on this one asap. Best regards Ronan Fitzgerald
  7. Hi Katie, Yeah, I know its a problem printer, it took long enough to get the appropriate drivers (supplied by yourself, thanks) for windows XP to stop VW crashing. I'm guessing the problem is in VW, whereby it probably thinks the dialog is still open or something silly. It isn't an urgent problem, and I'm guessing as it has only just been noticed, that it won't be fixed soon, so I'll inform the users of it, and ask them to work around it. Best of luck. Ronan
  8. Hi Katie, Have done so already. The other printers we have are a Brother HL-1470, LaserJet 6P and DesignJet 500. They don't have a Print Settings Confirmation, thus I am unable to test it with them. Remember, it works fine if it is set to just do a print preview. It is only with the Print Settings Confirmation dialog that the problem occurs...
  9. Hi, If you are using VW 10.1.2, with a DeskJet 1220C, with the option to "Show print settings confirmation", and cancel a print job through the "Print Settings Confirmation" window; the next time you try to print to that printer, the print progress dialog appears very briefly, the disappears, and you are unable to print. This is only fixed by sending the print to another printer. This affects not only that printer, but also any other printer you may have set up that uses that port. Our setup: VW 10.1.2 Windows 2k Pro Driver: v2.1 as supplied by Nemetschek support (thanks Katie) 3 port JetDirect using IPX/SPX 2x DeskJet 1220C & LaserJet 6P (all on the same Jet Direct box mentioned above, and all individually set up on each computer). Ports created using HP's JetDirect Port. Test drawing: Blank sheet with one line added. If you need any further details, then just ask. Best regards Ronan
  10. Hi Katie, This only seems to happen within VW. When I close VW and restart it works again, until the next time I cancel a print. It is also happening on at least one other PC in our office. I can try it on further machines if you need me to. Also, if you choose to use just the print preview option for that printer, and cancel from there, it doesn't happen. It only happens with the print settings confirmation dialog. I tried sending multiple prints and allowing them through, and as soon as I cancelled one, it failed to print any subsequent attempts. Also, to test, I set up a dummy printer using the same network port as one of our 1220Cs, and cancelled that one. The printer it was faking stopped working, but not the other one on our network. I then tried it the other way around, faking the other printer, and the same behavour was exhibited for that printer this time, so it could seem to be something to do with the IPX/SPX connection or the JetDirect box, but it is only affecting VW, just like the other issues we have seen with plotters, they may be errors relating to the drivers or hardware, but as they are only affecting VW, it suggests VW should be updated to overcome the problem. Best regards Ronan Fitzgerald
  11. Hi Katie, How does one remove the old driver completely? From what I know, you can go into the printers folder, right click, go to server properties and remove from there. I will try this a little later, and get back to you all on it.
  12. Hi, Two offices which I support are having this same issue: HP Deskjet 1220c, using the built-in windows XP driver not able to print multiple pages. However, we cannot use the v2.1 driver, as this crashes VW 10 everytime we print. I don't know if the crashing issue has been fixed in VW 10.1.0 from 10.0.0 or 10.0.1, so I may try that soon. The main network that I have tried this on has consisted of about 20 Win2k SP3 machines, 3 WinXP SP1 machines, and a DeskJet 1220C through a 3 port JetDirect box, connected via IPX/SPX Many thanks for any assistance... Ronan P.S. We are also suffering from the many DesignJet 500 problems, but I won't go into them...
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