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  1. I need a way of finding out what the highest number is of a specific record and then putting it on the drawing (ideally auto updating!)


    This is for a few things, chair/table number (don' really like the auto creation tool!) and cable numbers on schematics, these are just a couple of current requirement, but i just think it would be really useful!

  2. 3 minutes ago, Sebastiaan said:


    Glad you like it! Would you feel like making the remaining tool pics in return ;-)?


    The escape macro sounds like a goed idea, but I presume that if you're in a 4th group you would have to press again?


    if someone from the Vectorworks team sends us the icon picture, it wouldn't take too long!


    not sure what you mean by the 4th group, I've only been using Vectorworks for about a month lol!

  3. is there a way to attached reference files into a document? often import logo's etc, as soon as i work from home teh reference's are broken! also, they don't upload to the Vectorworks cloud.


    does it matter? is it only important is the files change, or will i lose the image, is i break the reference?

  4. That looks nice @Sebastiaan! I think i i'll use it and maybe port a few of my controls onto yours and have a play.


    things that would be useful are some preset move-by-points (0,1,10 etc), also i made a macro (esc,esc,esc,x,x,x) to get me out of any selection i had and added a resource toggle, but mine was a bit rubbish and done on the fly, i think i'll start using yours 😀

  5. I agree, if you're doing a render for a client, these things need to be simple and quick. it probably took me as long to shutter 2 lights, as it did build the set (it was only a simple set though!  lol)


    Also, maybe this is a comment for a new thread, but I also noticed, that once i apply a shutter, i cannot effect its focus on the render. Say i want to shutter off a light hitting a lectern to stop it spilling onto the screen, I would want to soft focus it, even though it is shuttered, or even spotting a logo on a set, I may want a shuttered soft focus halo, rather than a hard edge. I am most likely missing a trick which creates this effect, as I am new to this!

  6. for some reason, i cannot see the results of shuttering my lights in OpenGL, it's is visible in fast render, but as soon as I switch to OpenGL, it just displays open shutter.


    I do have a few LED battens with lots of emitters, but even with those off, it don't show the shutter.

  7. It would be nice to have a shortcut with a specific move by point config, even if it simple like having a 1 or a 0 in the quality field. Does anyone know if this is possible? Clearly, I can have a shortcut to the tool itself, but having it with a 0,1,10 preselected would be useful!!


    this would also be useful for other tools as well. 

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  8. I am trying to do something very straight forward, but it seems to be failing!


    I have created a table cloth draped over a table, all i am trying to do is remove the excess square that appears when creating the drape. I follow the Vectorworks video on YouTube, which is brief, says, create drape, draw a rectangle over the excess, extrude to "X" amount, subtract surfaces, Done!


    However when i do it it says

    "You have tried to create a solid object which cannot be computed. Edit the geometry to resolve this condition and try again"


    frustratingly, if i lower the U and V direction i can make it work, but then the resolution of the object is lost and it looks rubbish! leaving it at 50/50 is a nice compromise, but the object will not clip!


    has anyone got any ideas?


    To detail the object it's a 6' diameter cylinder at 800mm high


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