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  1. @Jim Wilson thanks - appreciate the info. I had found some of your other articles but the not the one referenced below. I was looking at a Lenovo with a P1000 Quadro graphic card - intereresting that they are marketed as "CAD" cards, but don't really benefit VW. I have yet to download VW 2018 due to my computer restrictions so this is very helpfull in narrowing down the purchase. @Sharon F
  2. I am searching for a new computer as my old laptop is out of date - running VW Landmark 2017. I've done a lot of research on-line, and am looking for clarification on the following: True or False? - a gaming laptop with should not be used for CAD programs (as they have different requirements?)' - a dedicated graphics card is not always necesssary (as I see some people seem to be using integrated grapics cards, sometime with better results?) -NVIDIA Quadro P series versus GTX graphic cards (GTX seem to be intergrated cards on most PC's I have looked at) - the CPU, not the graphics card is more important for 3D - the graphics card relates to rendering speed I am an independent designer doing primarily residential work. I dont want to invest $$$$$ in a computer, but also don't want to cut myself short in a new purchase. Prefer PC over MAC as I think better value in a PC, more configuration options. any guidance /feedback on questions above would be really appreciated as I seem to be getting bogged down.......... thanks!


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