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    dtm problems

    10.1, win2k........ Thanks!
  2. zero

    dtm problems

    Thanks for answer Robert. So I followed your instructions. Next I tried to make a new site model and get a message "A miscellanious erroe has occured (20,1)" I also note that the site model window does not have the option 'create existing site model' greyed out as it should on the first run of the site model command. So it appears I haven't got rid of all the site model stuff? Thanks Agin
  3. zero

    dtm problems

    Hi I have a dtm problem and I just wanna delete all references to the dtm in the drawing and start again. Any ideas how? Thanks
  4. So I create a roof with 2 opposite gable ends, and 2 different pitches. The roof tool creates the roof with two different thicknesses, so the ridge doesnt line up, and the barge boards are different sizes. What gives? is there a simple workaround? Check it out... http://www.traveltroopers.com/~mat/roof.jpg It would be nice to keep the roof editable for future manipuklation Thanks everyonE!
  5. I don't think I have a worksheet open in either of the documents...how do I check? No one else in the office uses VW I haven't tried reinstalling VW, but I have updated to VW10.1 I get the same result whether or not the other files are minimised. THANK YOU!!
  6. and todays date too would be awesome!
  7. Hiya win2k, vwa10.1 I cannot switch between drawings using the menu command Window. I have two or more open drawings. When I choose Window, then try to 'switch' to another drawing, VW begins to "click to insert a shelf", or other such command. This happens with the Architect workspace, the Classic workspace, and my custom. The command initiated seems to vary depending on the current workspace. Any ideas. Thanks in advance!
  8. It's called the grid bubble tool in VWA10, and can be found in the vectorworks architect tool palette
  9. I would love to be able to issue sheets with different revision numbers. If I have 10 sheets of drawings, and make a change on only 1 sheet, then that sheet would become rev1, while the others remain rev0. If I make another change, then that sheet would become rev2, and the others remain rev0. I would only plot the revised sheet for the builder.
  10. Hi all I have a 3d model of a house, and wish to place a semi-opaque (transparent) nurbs surface to indicate whereabouts the building fails to comply with our local regulations. Any ideas how to achieve this? I have had a quick play with the layer transfere feature, but it didn't do anything in "final shaded polygon" mode. Maybe I should buy REnderworks.......... win2k, VWA10.01 Thanks!
  11. If you select the surface, the area shows up in the object info pallette....down the bottom.
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