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  1. Hello Nap, you'll find these in your userfolder: C:\\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\2021\Libraries\Defaults\Cabinet\Custom Defaults\Constructions\Custom Constructions.vwx.
  2. Hi Nap, am I right assuming that you edited the screw you are using and that it has only one drilling? Screws always need two machinings. See our FAQ for help: https://en.extragroup.de/faq/
  3. Hello Dave, Both customers used the installer. One of them already had the same problem with 2020 and was hoping to fix it by installing 2021. But that didn't work out. He even created a new user in Windows, but the problem persists. Is there a chance of installing the necessary libraries afterwards? Or can you name them so I can have a look if they have been installed?
  4. Hello, we have two customers who are unfortunately suffering from all Renderworks commands and menus disappering out of their workspaces. Both are using Windows 10 and at least one of them has Build 20H10 installed. Has anybody seen this before and knows how to fix it or what to look for? Cheers, Marcel
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