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  1. Similar things are happening to me. I duplicated a column several times now and it continue to disappear. Also, use hidden lines and the layer cut at 1.50 m and it still shows the building components without cutting at the requested elevation. I am getting really frustrated with Vectorworks. Please, HELP. I am using Vectorworks Architect 2019. iMac 27, later 2013 32 GB Ram 1 GB Nvidia Geforce 2 TB SSD
  2. Thanks @Danilo, I will purchase Vectorworks Designer (which includes Landmark) later, for now I need to find an efficient workaround.
  3. It would be great if we could create sloped slabs similar to Revit: just adding an arrow and indicating the tail and head level or height, instead of dealing with many steps like adding drains, etc.
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