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  1. Edit: I figured it out Instead of adding the focus point, I added lighting device/focus Correct: Incorrect:
  2. Hi I have created a pattern of (64) focuspoints and now I want to assign them to individual fixtures. Not very versed in how to work with the sheets yet, I do have a sheet placed on my design layer with unit number, channel etc. Can I add a column to my sheet for focuspoints, so I can assign each fixture its focuspoint in the sheet, instead of right-clicking and selecting the focus point on a per fixture basis. Grateful for any advice on how to add this column, or please tell me if I am chasing a ghost Thank you
  3. Hi I am using black truss in my stage rig and my visualiser demands I turn on simplified truss (too many polys). Simplified truss is white and sticks out like a sore thumb in my visualiser. I can't seem to find a way to colorize it in a non destructive way, any ideas are much appreciated Thank you
  4. Hi I have seen that some visualisers support Lasergraph DSP laser control. Is it or will it be supported in Vision? Thank you
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