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  1. So I ran into it again, it's definitely happening when you give them a focus point. But only in vision, in VW they look right. Bug? This is a bit of a problem, because to program these lights in vision, they really have to be focussed for it to look right. And dialling it in manually is not really feasible. Still looking for a solution I guess... EDIT: I made a test file and sent it to support. I also tried MVR, but the problem remains. The aforementioned "Flip Moving Lights" option only affects movers and not my strobe. In the attached files, the strobe is standing upright on the stage deck in vectorworks, but slips under the deck in vision. Rotating it up in vision is not an option because of how the fixture is focussed. Archive.zip
  2. Hi Sounds encouraging. I am using Spotlight and Vectorworks Vision, latest versions and either export ESC or just "send to vision" from the file menu, both exports have the same flippin behaviour. I patch the console manually, no MVR or GTDF for me (yet). I added a fresh fixture and just rotated it up. That worked fine. I have moved these fixtures, they used to be hanging from a truss. And they had a focuspoint. So along the way I must have baked in some rotational data of some sort and now they are confused. Solution: Replace the fixture with a fresh unconfused instance. Thanks for your help ☀️
  3. Hi I took a closer look. They are being flipped upside down in Vision. It must be that Vision assumes they are hanging lights. Any ideas on how to prevent this, or why they would want to flip? I have some movers standing on the same deck and they are not being flipped. Thank you
  4. Hi Hope somebody has an idea here, I am running out... All my fixtures was playing nice in Vision, but for some reason in my latest document, some strobes on the floor have decided to come in low, inside the stage decks. The decks are 1.4m and the z position of the strobes is also 1.4m In vectorworks, the strobes are standing on the decks In vision, they are sunk into the decks, you can see them barely sticking up here.
  5. also, vision preferences has an option to set "render fixtures" to "off"
  6. What about reference files? I once worked on a collaborative project where we each had our own file that was then referenced in a master file. This way, we could design whatever we wanted in our own layers and classes and then in the master file you just switch on the referenced files as needed (in their own layers i believe). The master file would have the main structures and your subfiles would be the bespoke designs. http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2017/eng/VW2017_Guide/Viewports1/Creating_a_Referenced_Design_Layer_Viewport.htm Maybe its way off, just a noobie hunch...
  7. Edit: I figured it out Instead of adding the focus point, I added lighting device/focus Correct: Incorrect:
  8. Hi I have created a pattern of (64) focuspoints and now I want to assign them to individual fixtures. Not very versed in how to work with the sheets yet, I do have a sheet placed on my design layer with unit number, channel etc. Can I add a column to my sheet for focuspoints, so I can assign each fixture its focuspoint in the sheet, instead of right-clicking and selecting the focus point on a per fixture basis. Grateful for any advice on how to add this column, or please tell me if I am chasing a ghost Thank you
  9. Hi I am using black truss in my stage rig and my visualiser demands I turn on simplified truss (too many polys). Simplified truss is white and sticks out like a sore thumb in my visualiser. I can't seem to find a way to colorize it in a non destructive way, any ideas are much appreciated Thank you
  10. Hi I have seen that some visualisers support Lasergraph DSP laser control. Is it or will it be supported in Vision? Thank you
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