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  1. Hello everybody.... I'm trying to do a script in marionette, that only shows a part of the value. For Example, i want to do a combination of 2 values. Number: 04 Story name: 01OG my Goal: 01(OG)+04 = 0104 I need to keep the only 2 number (01) of my value (01OG) something like the Vectorworks Formula by the output mapping : LEFT([...],2) Someone has an idea ? Thanks
  2. Hello everybody, I try to do a mapping for my IFC, but it doesn't work. Can someone help me ? IF(([Style.Pset_DoorCommon_IsExternal] = 'TRUE'), 'E3.2', 'G1.4') Datenmanager (in German) Infobox Door Style Settings
  3. 😍 It's working !!! Thanks a lot ! Regards & Merci vielmals I definitely need to learn thy python language
  4. hello DomC, Thank you for your quick reply, but I can't see any Image. Can you re-upload the image ? Thanks a lot
  5. Hello, I'm here again. @Marissa Farrell @DomC I need your help. I have an Issue with the opening in the wall of doors. If I take the values of *Door CW*, the result is with e-01m or e00m as unit. If I split the unit from number, the information is lost. For example 9.2e-01m should be 0.92m 1.02e00m should be 1.02m In my marionette node, the result is 9.2 and 1.02 and not 0.92 and 1.02... How can I find a solution for that, or where can I find the opening height and lenght of the wall opening from a door ?
  6. Hello everybody, Why is vectorworks 2019 working worse than the 2018. I tried more than 1 hour to figure out, why my section doen't look like like I want it. Why lines are missing by my door in VW19 ? ich check all Attributes bei the Walls and the Doors and I didn't find anything. Could someone helps me ? I don't want lined between two hatchings.... Best regards... Thomas Vectorworks 2018 Vectorworks 2019
  7. Hello everybody ! Perhaps someone can help me. How can I close a Wall with the "simple" representation ? See Pictures : A. Wallsettings : End of the wall : attributes from the shell B. Wallsettings : End of the wall : attributes from the wall. A. Complicated representation: The Attibutes are OK (Concrete 0.50) B. Simple representation: the Attributes are OK (Withe 0.25) How can I have a good solution ? or how can I close the wall by the simple representation + End of the wall : attributes from the shell Thank you for your help
  8. Hello, If I do a section in the middle of the building, the hatch doesn't merge. If it's outside, it works.... und that issue appeared only in VW 2019, it worked in VW 2018 !!! Cheers, Thomas
  9. Hello, I have a lot of Wraps I have to run before I export my IFC File. (about 25 Scripts) - Is is possible to make a "Mother Wrap" who runs all the wraps in a specific order ? Best regards,
  10. sorry I found the "Float" node... Thanks again for your Help !!
  11. Thank you for your quick reply and how do you convert String to Numbers ? so could I use the div node... I need the 0.25 instead of 2.5e-01m or 2.5
  12. it's me again, 😃 How can I create a node with object.OA Height Shaft Depth Shaft Width ?? Thanks a lot
  13. Thanks a lot, That will make my life easier 😃 Regards
  14. Thank you very much for your help... I have another question: How can I use the Node "Objs by Crit" for a Column ? PON='Column' or T=Column PON='Säule' doesn't work... The same question for a Door / Window / Fassade !? Thank you so much for your Help...
  15. I try in Node area = vs.Round(vs.GetObjectVariableReal(obj,608)/0.01) * 0.01 by doing *0.01 the zeros come again....
  16. Hello DomC How does it work ? Can I use it in the Datenmanager ? I would like to display 0.30 instead of 0.30000000 Thank you for your Help
  17. Hello everyone, I need to export some values with the Datenmanager in IFC format. How can I change the precision of a number ? for Example, 0.30 instead of 0.30000000 or m3 instead of cm3 Thank you you for your Help, Regards, Thomas Gillioz
  18. Thank you for your quick reply. actually i need this value with my wall (exporting in IFC) I changed the script of a node (get Component) and it works. Regards, Thomas
  19. Hello everybody, perhaps can someone help me. I try to get the wall area with the window. (not the net Area). Has someone an idea ? I try all day long with marionette, but i didn't find something and my Scripting skill are by zero.. Thanks
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