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  1. All very helpful ideas! I'll try to implement some of these strategies and follow-up with feedback soon. Thanks again, everyone!
  2. Yesterday, all of a sudden anytime I enter a viewport a neon green square appears on the design layer seemingly the same size and location of the viewport's crop. Has anyone seen this happen or read about this in a previous thread? Note this is occurring across all files I've worked on since yesterday and I did not create these files.
  3. Thanks for all the feedback! Haven't hadn't a chance to dive back into this issue, but will keep you posted.
  4. I, like I assume many, have always drafted in color and published in black & white. At my current firm however, they do a variety of drafting with solid 'fills'; such as indicating new work/walls in sections, interior elevations, etc. And it seems that when I publish in black & white that the solid 'fills' do not appear in the PDFs or when printed. I've also tried publishing in color and converting the PDF to black & white, but in doing so I lose numerous lines and the 'fills' as well. Is this a known issue? Has this been discussed/resolved previously? -Cory
  5. Hey y'all! First time posting. Could someone answer (or point me in the direction of an earlier post perhaps that answers) if there's a way to obtain the cubic footage from an extrusion? Or is there another tool that I can model a shape and identify the cubic footage?


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