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  1. DaveBB

    Lagging Offset

    hi Alex, I'm on SP5.3. File attached. Thanks, Dave. bottleBaseFile.vwx
  2. DaveBB

    Lagging Offset

    Hi folks! I'm having trouble offsetting this object. I'm looking to offset inside and outside the shape by 2" the program lags quite a bit when I select offset then the object. Often to offset fails with no error message. Sometimes the program crashes all together. It's not a hardware issue, this PC is stacked.
  3. zoomer, I think that might be only in the Landmark or designer? I use Spotlight and I don't think i have access to those resources...
  4. Here is the file imported.... As far as editing I mean anything from rotating, extruding or selecting a working plane. Even attempting to adjust the Open GL settings. 20-shipping-container-2.snapshot.3.zip
  5. Every time I import one of these file types, the software grinds to a near halt if I try to edit them - even in wireframe. Any tips that don't involve hardware updates? CPU stats:
  6. Andy. Missing a step here. How do you apply a 'shadow catcher' object. I went through the link you included and the video link from that help page. They all describe the shadow catcher quite well, but never mention specifically how to create it.
  7. Is there a chart with available features in different Vectorworks versions? We use fundamentals, but most tutorials don't specify the version and often the tutorials discuss features that are unavailable in Fundamentals 2018....
  8. Hi I am interested in your second license if it is still available. Thanks, Dave.


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