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  1. Yes they are to my knowledge I think we can do a deal on the 2016 designer ...Anthony Grouut can get back to you on Monday. Ash Sakula.
  2. Hi David, We currently have the following available for sale: 2019 Designer 2019 Architect 2016 Designer Thanks,
  3. Licences currently without VSS but each to add one Architect 2019 £1850 each one Designer 2019 £2500 two Designer 2016 £1000 each Please email cany@ashsak.com to organise a transfer of ownership if interested.
  4. These are the licences we are not needing currently. 2019 - Architect 2019 - Designer 2016 - Designer 2016 - Designer They are not currently covered by VSS. If you are interested please send me offers. cany@ashsak.com
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