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  1. I agree. Takes about 3 minutes locked on the workspace before the Home Screen pops up. Then another few minutes after i select "New File" before Spotlight starts to respond and i can do anything. Should i have 9 VWX processes running in my Task Manager? This is beyond an issue.
  2. Was informed by the folks at VW that a "workaround" is to place a 2D locus on your device symbol at the point where you wish the accessory to anchor. Used to be that VWX would assume to attach at the front of the fixture. Took me about 10 minutes to update my library. Not too onerous.
  3. accessory alignment VWX2022.vwx Odd that some work and some do not. In VWX 2021, they all work. There are other symbols and accessories that act in the same manner. I think it has more to do with the fixture symbol than the accessory. If you take the accessory that appears correct on the middle symbol and try to apply it to one of the others, the placement is wrong. Thanks
  4. Accessory alignment in VWX 2022 seems to place base of accessory at fixture's insertion point in some instances. When this happens the Device Type also changes to "Static Accessory" Am using the same fixture library from 2021 converted to v2022. 3D orientation is fine. Attached file shows what is happening. Accessories 2021 v 2022.pdf
  5. Any idea when SP3 will be out to fix this? Having some crash issues when adding softgoods to a newly created layer. not sure if it is a Spotlight issue or Layer issue. Has crashed 3x.
  6. Same issue when dragging the layer. Found I could edit the layer and enter in the new place in the stacking order without issue. Temporary work-around anyway.
  7. Took a while, and got some interesting results. The yokes and barndoors are in their proper positions, but all of the fixture bodies are at the 0,0,0 position of the drawing. Hmmmm.... Here is a "for instance" file skypanels.vwx
  8. Having a dickens of a time exporting a plot, drafted in 3d to DWG in 3d. I know you need to be in a 3D view to export 3d, but it hangs up about half way through. Doing some troubleshooting, i think it may have something to do with 3d symbols nested within other 3d symbols. (i.e. a clamp symbol attached to a fixture's yoke). I also have light stands and hangers that are made up of component symbols. I deleted the nested symbols from the drawing and it seems to convert, but now i don't have that hardware on the plot. Is there an easier way to make this work than deconstructing symbols to eliminate the nesting? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi Gang, Are there any good libraries with grip symbols? Junior Clamps, grid clamps, light stands, c-stands, etc?
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