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  1. That didn't work for me unfortunately. Also to note, I'm on Mac OS. Even when I open a file, it's just a completely blank screen until I pan or zoom. Then everything shows. It's really frustrating.
  2. I don't use VW as much anymore, so I'm not sure when this started happening. But when I move an object, or make a parameter change, the change does not show on VW unless I pan around or zoom in/out. It's really frustrating and makes it hard to work. Same thing with changing views, if I go from 3D to Top/Plan, or do "shift+c" to go into orbit, the view doesn't change until I move around. VW never used to function this way. I've already tried doing a clean install and the issue still persists. *EDIT: I'm running VW 2019 SP6 on macOS Big Sur 11.2.3....however I know this has been happening before SP6 and before I went to Big Sur.
  3. Did this ever happen? It's a real pain to receive a newer file and not be able to open it and have to ask the sender to resend a converted version. I looked through Cloud Services and couldn't find anything.
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