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  1. Hi everyone, What is the best way to make walls with the different finishes on either side? I'm trying to make a steel partition with steel finish on one side and acoustic panels on other side but there doesn't seem to be any intuitive way forward. I made a curtain wall, and "assumed" glazing to be steel and further offset it from the frame on one side but I would need "double glazing" to assume the other side to be acoustic panels. Please find the attached image of the custom steel partition I've created. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, I've been working on VW for about 6 months now but only for 2D, and now making a move to 3D for its BIM capabilities. After hours of trying to make custom steel/glass partitions, I've come here for your suggestions. Attached below is the image of the glass partition I would like to use as a wall style. I dont mind creating it from starch using the parameters VW allows, but they seem to be very limited, especially when I want to change glazing to the steel panel and change the profile of the frame. Could someone please suggest me the best way to do it. Thanks (i cant attached files) Screenshots: https://ibb.co/m1N5gx https://ibb.co/h3wWMx


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