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  1. Please add another option besides (left right etc etc ) so that the text will justify too or away from the leader end. 🙂
  2. Thanks Mark, I had looked at symbols but didn't know that the page based retained text size. My problem is if I wanted to go and plonk that symbol into a design layer (perhaps it wasn't exactly what I wanted and it needed tweaking) I made it in 1:20 (to get everything looking correct) Text size vs size of details and dims etc. I drop it into a details layer (viewing at 1:1) along with all my other dimensions I have made for the project, then I am no longer in the correct dimensions and its all out of whack. really what I need is for Vectorworks and Autocad to have a baby. 😕
  3. HI all, I am looking for some advice, I have been tasked with creating a details library of our most commonly used standard details. These are 2D and ideally would like them to contain text. I have read lots of posts on the subject and one common theme is that people say ' draw in the scale that you expect to use them in a viewport' Dependant on the scheme we are working on this scale may change and paper size and layout flexible so this isn't an option for us. I thought I had cracked it yesterday when I found I could custom scale my markers in the VP. So whatever callouts I use in the design layer (viewing at at any scale) would come out at the correct size. Wahooo, but short lived As always it would be nice to have text come out consistently the same size. So I would like my 'standard detail text' to be the same as project specific ones that I annotate on the sheet layer without having to anticipate. The plan was to create symbols from all of the details. Anyway around this? I do not want to draw all of our details on design layers with different scales. Cheers in advance. 🙂
  4. Hi all, I am new to Vectorworks, so I am hoping this is a simple fix, where I have just missed a step along the way. I have downloaded some existing tree data for Bristol online. I have a xls file that I have converted to a tad delimited .txt file. Within the file there are x and y column headers as well as id, names etc for many other parameters. I have created a new class and activated this , (i presume trees will use the activated class when created) In the import existing tree box I have selected everything that makes sense, only adding relevant parameters, for me this is the coord and name. I click... and then it says that location information is missing i say yes anyway and it puts all the information just off to the left of my current map. X and Y are consistent with my geolocated map that i am working with.... Any ideas? Why the warning Many thanks in advance, cumberlandtrees.txt ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ah looks like its all being brought in using the internal origin. But my coordinates are fixed through the user origin, so what wouldnt x y data be brought in at the user?
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