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Cannot extrude simple polygon.

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Hi All, 


I have a quick query regarding extruding polygons. We are currently creating a context model that combines the massing model tool with simple extrusions. Sometimes the file will not extrude for us. Is there any reason why a simple polygon will not extrude? Is it the fact that we have a DWG referenced into the file? or is there some setting that must be turned on to ensure  the extrusion tool will work? Our polygons/shape wont even highlight red at the moment.  


Any advice would be very really useful.


Thank you. 

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Best guess is that the Polygons are being created in a Class which is not visible/editable... Make sure that Classes are set to Show/Snap/Modify Others... If that's not it, then yes please post a file.

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If they won't even highlight, it sounds like a class or layer settings issue as described above.


Another thing to check: make sure when you select the Polygon that the OIP actually says "Polygon" (or Polyline). If it says something different, such as Group or Symbol, you won't be able to extrude without first going inside the container, or ungrouping it.

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Hi Sean, a better late than never production. Sometimes it's as simple as have you checked the polygon is "closed" in the Object info Pallette?  It won't extrude if not closed. Hope you are enjoying the heatwave over there, was in Rush 2 weeks ago!

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This sounds to me like a problem with the geometry being too far from the internal origin.

I suggest you run Tools > Origin > Center Drawing on Internal Origin. 

This will move the geometry (along with the user coordinates) close to internal zero.

When importing DWG files, on the Location tab, choose the default option to center geometry on the internal origin to avoid this problem. Don't worry... the coordinates that you see and interact with will be preserved, so you will still be able to line up geometry with any third party's geometry.

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