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  1. @JBenghiat Thanks so much that looks Awesome!
  2. So when I design I have a set system for my design layers that I use. I want to know if there is a way that I can automate the creation of them for when I open up a file that I need to design in. Below is the list of Design layers that I use. HOUSE [HOU] - Seating [HOU] - Stage [HOU] - Building - ELECTRICS [ELX] - Reference [ELX] - Special [ELX] - Follow Spots [ELX] - SR Side Wash [ELX] - SL Side Wash [ELX] - Front Wash 1 [ELX] - Front Wash 2 [ELX] - Top Wash 1 [ELX] - Top Wash 2 [ELX] - Back Wash 1 [ELX] - Back Wash 2 [ELX] - Practical [ELX] - SFX + Atmospherics [ELX] - Grid [ELX] - Lighting Positions [ELX] - Circuits -- SENIC [SEN] - Set 2D [SEN] - Set 3D [SEN] - Ground Plan [SEN] - Flys --- REFFERENCE [REF] - Notes [REF] - Reference [REF] - Other ---- MISC [MSC] - Title Block [MSC] - Instrument Key [MSC] - Other
  3. A classmate of mine has been having a problem where every time she tries to revisit any project it has lost all of its textures. She is running the most up to date version on a MAC computer. This has happened to her consistently and has tried opening the files on a different computer but they are still missing the textures. Any one able to offer some help?
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