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  1. ANNAB


    Hello Nikolay, Unfortunately, I can not upload the file. But I can show you what my issue is. So there is an image with the normal logo on the title block and one when automatically it is replaced with another image. I believe there should be a link/reference setting that gives this order to replace the log on the top with this inaccurate image.
  2. I have a similar question regarding how to insert images in the titleblock. In my occasion I have imported an image to use it as an example in the Sheet layer and probably I have done something that now instead of having the company's logo on the titleblock, appears this image. I have tried to delete the titleblock and to copy it from another file,but even if initially works afterwards it is replacing the logo with this image. I believe there is somewhere a link or a reference that replaces the logo and this image. I don't know where I can find this setting tho. How can I change that ? I am quite new to vectorworks and I still have not found a way to fix this problem. Thank you!
  3. ANNAB


    Hi guys, I face a few minor title-block issues. In my attempt to import an image into my Sheet Layer most of the tiomes times it was importing it as a resourcing image and sometimes as a bitmap. The problem is that suddenly the image I had in the title-block changed to the one that I was importing - instead of having the logo of the company I am working. I deleted the whole titleblock and I copied it from another file but even that is not working cause every time I am updating an information on the title-block the logo changes to that image. Another issue is that in my work they use to have a previous version of Vectorworks and now they have upgrade to 2018, where the previous title-block does not seem to respond very well. I have tried to scale it down from A1 to A3 but it 's not working. Have you faced something similar? I believe for the first issue there is some setting I don't know about since I am new to vectorworks. Thank you!
  4. ANNAB

    Viewport Colour

    Thank you!! I finally found it! I had to uncheck the Layer color in the Viewport Layer Properties. I had both layers in Show layer color - and they both appeared black and white. I have unchecked the one and colors showed up. Thank you for your help!
  5. ANNAB

    Viewport Colour

    Hi Mike, Thank you for your resaponce. But is already unchecked and still not showing the classes colors. Isn't that strange? Is there some other option?
  6. ANNAB

    Viewport Colour

    Hi all! I have a problem with the Viewport Colors. I have activated to see the classes colors in the Design layers, but in the Sheet Layer my drawing is black and white in the viewport. I assume that there should be an option if I want my viewport to be colored or b/w but I can not find it. I am new to Vectorworks and I have not learned yet all of its potentials. Thank you!


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