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  1. Ended up using the Vert Strips as suggested by @C. Andrew Dunning. Thank you !
  2. Hi All, Does anyone know of a way to make a slotted LED screen? I'm hoping to take the design into either Depence or Vision and I wanted to put lights behind the LED screen and shine through the screen - hence the slotted LED screen such as the ROE Vanish V8S. Can you do it using the LED screen tool, or do you have to create each strip of the LED screen separately / manually? Thanks for your time and help! Joel
  3. It would be amazing to allow EDU files to be opened with a licensed version of VW and for the PDF to be exported without a lock on, and all elements within that file also not carrying over watermarking. I build up an entire symbol library on my student version, and when I came to use my employer's (on a placement year) licensed VW I could not use any of my custom symbols as they carried over their watermarks to the worksheet. I've also made an entire VW file on my EDU account by accident - instead of using my employer's VW, and there is no way to remove any of the watermarks or PDF protection. This meant all my work was entirely wasted. It'd be great to allow licensed users to remove restrictions on symbols and for PDF exports.
  4. Hi all, I have some parts using RW textures and I have some custom IES lights in the scene. The textures are rendering as if there is global lighting in the scene, however I only have the custom lights on. These are my renderwork settings: Any idea to why the brushed aluminium is showing up with global lighting instead of being light just from the light sources? Thanks everyone! examplefile.vwx
  5. Hi All, Is there a way to get the lux levels given out by a custom light object / light objects in a scene? I tried using the photometric grid however that looks to be just for spotlight fixtures and not for visualisation fixtures. Is this possible or are there any plugins that would allow this? In reality what I'm after is the lux level shown on surrounding surfaces based on the lights in the scene - so something similar to that of Dialux. I have an art installation that I'm working on and would like to know what light levels it provides to the location. - And yes I have tried using Dialux however due to the way the program is designed I didn't find it suited to custom fixtures (it is possible, in dialux.. its just painful at best). Thanks all :) Joel
  6. This would be an awesome addition! Focus points only really make sense if you are focusing several lights in the same place. They are really annoying when all I want to do is focus one light in a certain place. Having the ability to have POV of the fixture and be able to focus it would be incredible.
  7. Hi All, I'm trying to get an object to be an emissive fixture. When I force emissive mesh then it works, however when trying to make it DMX controllable I get no control or output. I've attached the current settings that I have for all emissive fixtures so far. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Joel
  8. @Gaspar Potocnik Ah okay! I didn't realise that how it groups things together. Thanks for letting me know 🙂
  9. @Kevin Allen That's not a bad shout! I hadn't thought of doing that.
  10. Hi All, Is there a way to choose in vectorworks what parts of set is converted into a single meshshape when importing to vision? I'm having a problem where some of my objects are being converted into one meshshape, but I need to rotate individual objects and can't do it while its 'grouped'. Or is there a way that your class design and class layers make themselves their own structure e.g. If I had a two design layers which referenced the same class, the file structure would be split down as shown below? Design layer 1 > Class 1 > 1, Design Layer 2 > Class 1 > 1
  11. Hi All, I've been following this thread. I just wanted to reconfirm the need for NDI support. I'm currently using Vision to see how it compares to other previs products and while I do love Vision there are a few features that need to be added. NDI support is one of them. Hopefully this will be added in the near future.
  12. I went with the method that @markdd suggested which worked really well. My only problem is that in top/plan view it shows the direction of which the actual light object is pointing. Does anyone know how to get rid of that? I've attached a small snip of what I mean. I'm trying to get rid of the cones and the direction arrows of the lights, but keep the physical 3D object of the fixtures. I thought they would be split down into their own classes however I don't think this is the case.
  13. Thank you so much guys! You have given me some really good different methods of how to achieve what I wanted to do! Thank you all for your time and help 🙂
  14. Hi All, I have two LX bars, one on top of another. I want to put the lights on the bar in top plan view but also have a top plan view that shows the bar from front on which shows what fixtures are on which bar. Is there a way to place a fixture twice but only have one of them affect the spreadsheets? I.e. if I place two lights (One top plan view, one 'front plan' view) , I only want my fixture list to show that I have place 1. Thanks all.
  15. Hi All, I have a custom light, a Anolis ArcPar, which has a 7 Degree beam angle. When I import the IES file into the distribution load section for the custom light, the custom light doesn't have a 7 degree beam angle. The beam angle produced is greater than 7 degrees, even with spill. This is the product: https://www.anolislighting.com/products/arcpartm-100 This is the first time that I am using custom lights so I might be doing something wrong but didn't think I was. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Joel
  16. Nevermind. Its all sorted. Was a user error
  17. Hi All, I'm trying to visualise some of my Lighting Designs using Vectorworks Spotlight Educational Edition. I have a problem where when I launch the program, all is fine. After a few changes to the lighting conditions, both fast render and final render stop working. By stop working, I mean that they either do not update to the new state, or they only display black. I then have to relaunch the program to get it working again. Also its worth mentioning that the rendering timer at the bottom also presents the wrong time for rendering when this issue happens. It can say that the render has taken 0:54 Seconds, to 1:48.. and so on. Random values, when in fact the render had only taken a couple of seconds. This happens when it either does not update or shows black. This has happened to me for a couple of days, at first I thought it might be my fault since I'm relatively new to Vectorworks, however now it seems like a bug of some sort. Has anyone had this issue before or can think of any way, if it is an error on my part, of how to fix it? Not sure if this is any use but here are my Tech specs of the computer I'm using: Os: Windows 10 Pro (64-Bit) Ram: 16Gbs CPU: I7-6700K @ 4.00Ghz Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 970 Thanks for your time and help
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