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  1. On Vectorworks 2021 and it still bogs. I've deleted all the layers with pdfs on them and it seemed to improve the performance somewhat, but I'm just doing a simple command like copying lines using the offset tool and I'm still getting a beachball. The file is all of 28mb. So no, 2021 still hasn't fixed lagging issues. I'm on a MacBook Pro that's compatible with the requirements for mid-level profile projects per vectorworks requirements, so I should have enough computing power.
  2. We use to be able to just add a pre-defined section marker style with drawing number and sheet number and a tab at the other end (top). We're no longer finding this option and can only fine one option where the section marker is the same at both ends (bottom). Editing it is a major hassle, but we can't find the previous styles. Where can I find those? I
  3. Vectorworks for Mac v. 2018. We've been having this problem for some time even with previous versions all the way to at least 2016. We have existing callouts on drawings (working in 2D only). If we click on the callout it rotates it to a 120 degree angle and the only way to fix the angle is to type in a zero in the Object Info box. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks.
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