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  1. Pat, Thanks for your response! Adding a field to the seating record for the "Blocked" and/or "Partial View" is part of the future plan. Setting the layout of the seating in the a worksheet was where I was getting stuck. I am attaching my attempt (very basic seating layout) with Marionettes. I was able to get the row and column correct, but could not generate information into the cells. Nick Seating Test.vwx
  2. Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to take a seating layout and have each seat represented as a cell in it's location with the "Row" and "number" fields applied using a Marionette network. Ultimately, this will be exported Excel for other departments to adjust pricing. Attached is VW seating and the corresponding Excel that was created in isolation. The idea is run a script in VW to have a worksheet created that would emulate the Excel file. We constantly make changes to the seating layout and this script would help keep the tracking of the changes. I have tried to find a node that would input data for an individual cell. It seems that a database will take a occupy a full row and not single cells. I am not sure if I am thinking about this correctly, but I thought I might send it out to brighter minds than mine. The only thing in the Excel that needs to be represented is actual seating layout, not the tables or formulas. Thanks! Nick 2020.01.30 HamOrest Seating.vwx 20.02.21 Hamlet Oresteia Current On Sale.xlsx
  3. James, This is awesome! Apple script? Apologies for responding to an old thread, but isolation had me doing work housekeeping by updating our symbol library with our heavy equipment. Once I had seen this I could not keep my mind from wandering. I should be taking some Python (or Apple Script) online courses to ease my pain ūüôā Nick
  4. This is very impressive! It leads me to question where I think I already know the answer, but is it possible to automate the movement? Setting a start and end height with a specific timing ( possible acceleration and deceleration) using existing symbols. The implications could be the visualization of flying trusses/scenery for reference in an increasingly automated theatrical industry. Thanks! Nick


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