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  1. Here is my script for auto-generate the dimension to the object info. However, it only works for the objects that are totally 0, 90, and 180 degrees, or the dimensions are off due to the angle. Is there anyone who can help me with my script? Thanks very much. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PROCEDURE InputData3D; CONST RECD = 'PanelSizes'; VAR h:HANDLE; W,T,D:REAL; W1,T1,D1:STRING; BEGIN h:=FSActLayer; REPEAT Get3DInfo(h, T, W, D); W1:=Num2Strf(W); T1:=Num2Strf(T); D1:=Num2Strf(D); SetRecord(h,RECD); SetRField(h,RECD,'Width',W1); SetRField(h,RECD,'Height',T1); SetRField(h,RECD,'Depth',D1); h:=NextSobj(h); UNTIL(h=NIL) END; RUN(InputData3D);
  2. Hi Jim, I just hit the update rendering option and then I open the other Vectorworks file, try to print one sheet from the other file.....and it froze..... I believe my VW is still running, it there a way to cancel the rendering now? or I just have to wait for the render to finish. Thanks. 

    1. PVA - Jim

      PVA - Jim

      If you go back to the other file, you should be able to select the viewport and cancel it, however I've never personally tried to bounce between two separate files that way, the print operation may very well be awaiting the render.

  3. Hi JimW, Thanks so much for responding. Can I send the file to you directly? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I'm having troubles using the function create animation: move along path. I created the viewport, chose the final rendering, but for whatever reason, the lightings are not consistent. Some lights are on some are off. It just doesn't look final rendering mode. Does anyone know in which order I should go? 1. create a camera view 2. create a viewport 3. double click into the camera view 4. save the view in final rendering mode 5. while still in the view - go to create animation 6. move along path - edit - add views Thanks!!
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