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  1. How do I find and access vwx resources? I have been searching for some basic things, such as "wheelchair" in the Resource Browser, but nothing comes up. When I download a resource from the library list, I can' t see it in the browser either. What am I missing? Could someone explain the process of accessing available objects? Best, Antje
  2. I am currently using VWX 2021. Every time I save or export a file, the finder window that pops up is so long that it stretches beyond the width of my monitor and I have to move it manually from right to left to get to "SAVE" button in the corner. I can adjust the hight of the window with my cursor, but not the width. Any ideas about how to fix this? I don' t have this problem with the finder in general, only with VWX. Best, Antje
  3. Thank you! That was very helpful.
  4. Rob I can' t find chairs with instruments in the resource browser. Are they not available to Fundamentals users?
  5. How can I dock palettes to the drawing window, so they are not all loosely floating around. I am having trouble with setting up an efficient workspace. (I have the Fundamentals version of vwx 2018
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