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  1. Client sends logo as .eps file. Need to be able to extrude it for use in 3D solids operations. Can't figure out any conversion that'll get me the outline of the logo. It's a straightforward logo with clean edges. Ideas? Thanks.
  2. Bought a model from Turbosquid. Complex model. I've been able to import the 3ds version as both mesh and 3d polygons, but the textures don't carry over. Turbosquid's response was, "This model is using VRay materials and the textures will need to be applied manually in your application. Sorry for the inconvenience." I don't understand that...vray materials? There's a c4d file, but VW2010 doesn't seem to import that. What are my options? I'm not sure of the best way to import different file types or get textures applied to the 100,000+ polygons. Any experience with what tends to work best? Thanks.
  3. Yes, of course. If the window or door is in a round wall, then all of their components should behave as they would be constructed. Otherwise, what's the point?
  4. When I specify a round wall in a design, and the builder includes a window, they use a polyurethane or similarly bendable trim to conform to the wall's radius. When I add window trim to that window in VW, it stays straight and disappears into the wall at its midpoint. That means that for windows and doors in round walls, I have to create a separate object for trim, match up the hole for the window opening, and match the placement of the window. If the radius of the wall changes, or the window size or placement changes, I have to rebuild the trim. Sure would be nice if the trim of a window in a round wall acted like it was in a round wall and not a straight wall. That would yield huge time savings for those of us who daily work with round walls.
  5. In all my work with lofted surfaces and non-regular walls, I've had to punch holes into the surface and align windows manually. If there's an automatic way, I haven't found it.
  6. She put me on hold for a few min and then essentially told me what was in that link. Is it the cart or the horse...dunno? Either way, a Setup Asst could manage this far better than me trying to write notes about which customizations I made and which I didn't, and then replicating that. Same with resources and prefs. Throughout today I ran into a number of things that didn't work as before, and then had to search for the pref and set it as I had it in 2009. Not trying to load on the griping...just giving them an accurate window into a user's experience with manually updating dozens of items from each version to the next. That might help them understand our experiences working with their product.
  7. I'm happy to report that the bulk of this bug has been fixed! I can add windows in the normal, expected way, and get a reasonable result. Trim is still a mess, and disappears into the wall at the top and bottom midpoint, but at least I'm not fighting crazy artifacts.
  8. I called Tech Support about all of this before posting the wish, and they advised against copying the pref file. Said it wouldn't work because the pref file held the serial number or some such. Certainly file formats change from version to version...I get that...but it wouldn't be difficult to match up identical prefs and libraries from the prior version and have a setup assistant to lead one through the new or changed prefs.
  9. Read "hours" as "time" if you wish. I was at it last night and again this morning. Still don't have all the things set up as before, but can't remember each and every customization...which is the point of having some sort of automatic conversion. I just converted to Snow Leopard the same day, and they converted umpteen settings and preferences automatically. That made VW's do-it-yourself process extra aggravating.
  10. This is a great feature, but it's less great than it could be (in my world, anyway) because it doesn't use the fill color. If I color some object--pavers, for example--for easy identification, then it'd be nice for that color to carry forward to other than plan view. The outline now shows...why not fill color?
  11. Every year I have to recreate workspaces, re-add libraries, remember and reconfigure all preferences. (Yes, I can find the workspace files in the support library and copy them, but it should be automatic). Wastes way too many unbillable hours. Why should I have to respecify Autosave options when I've used the same one for the past X years? Why should I have to search through all the libraries for which to include in the resource browser, and inevitably miss one? There should be a setup assistant to get you close to your prior setup so that you can be productive from the get go. Not having this, and having to devote hours to just getting back to your prior starting point, ends up reflecting poorly on the new version at the exact time when you'd want it to be making a good impression.
  12. For most renders, I get by adequately with the xfrog/image prop trees and plants. Now I'm doing some artistic renderings and don't want photorealistic greenery. I recall in the past having some 3D trees and shrubs that were cartoonish, which is just what I need now but cannot find. Am I imagining that? The Place Plant tool shows nice plant objects, but none seem to have the 3D component. What am I missing? While we're at it, I can't figure out the relevance of "Enable 2D Plant Rendering." Just seems to add a few lines. Thanks for any clarity...
  13. Or edit the 2d element in your file and change the line weights (double click the object).
  14. The only time I do hidden line renders is for elevation drawings. To do those, I "convert copy to lines" and then edit the group and touch it up as need be. Not exactly what you asked about, but perhaps another way to achieve a comparable result.
  15. One more upgrade (SP4) and one more version that doesn't fix the junk that shows up when placing a window into a round wall. Sigh. One more submittal to Tech Support. This is such a big time waster, and would seem to be an easy enough bug to fix. It's frustrating to keep bumping into this.
  16. Yes, ccSPF. And yes, those same houses, but I'm independent of them.
  17. Manual? What manual? There used to be an ellipsis tool that I downloaded from some site (and torus, cone and others). I went snooping in the workspace tool set for it, didn't find that exact one, but did find this one. So it was half by accident and half by intention. My mistake on the loci. You're talking about loci, but I was thinking about an ellipsis' "foci'...that's bad enough to cost me $$$ on Wheel of Fortune! Don't need to do much more than work with the primary shapes...nothing to really align. The ellipsoid is the shape of a house, we create the shape of a special material, inflate it, spray it with polyurethane foam and concrete, and doll it up with gingerbread. Makes a cool house.
  18. Yes, it is smoother. Looks exactly like the ellipsoid object except it's solid. It's a much more controllable object from which I should avoid facetted surfaces. I can work back to the loci. I set the ellipse by length and width, and since it's a building, that's what the builders and permit officers (and tax assessors) want. The loci are the easy part.
  19. Ha!!!!!!!! That worked! Wouldn't have thought of it if I hadn't mulled over your post, so thanks. It's certainly convoluted, but it works, so....
  20. It would seem that there should be a way to make a closed nurbs surface a solid rather than only a hollow shell, but I can't find such a way. The ellipsoid object responds nicely to the shell command and other things I try with it, but I can't get it to be solid....kinda like only being able to buy hollow easter bunnies instead of solid ones. I have an idea to try next, although it'll be a pain. Create ellipsoid object. Create a shell to the exterior that's really thick. Create a rectangular object that encompasses the hollow core of the ellipsoid, but is encompassed by the shell, and then subtract the one from the other, leaving the core as a solid ellipsoid. We'll see if it works.
  21. Trying to subtract an ellipsoid shape from another object. Using Ellipsoid Object tool. But it only cuts the "shell" of the ellipsoid from my base object, not the whole ellipsoid. Tried first making it a solid (won't happen) or nurbs surface, but neither make a diff. How to subtract a solid ellipsoid, rather than just the surface of the ellipsoid, from another solid? I imagine I can sweep an ellipsoid and use that, but the ellipsoid object is a cleaner, smoother object that I've used for another part of the design, and I'd like to keep using it as an exact match of the other ellipsoid to subtract from other objects. I could also decompose the resulting subtracted object and delete the interior part I don't want, but that's extra work. It'd just be nice if I could subtract a solid ellipsoid, and I can't figure out where it's going awry. Thanks.
  22. You did better than I did. I'm 0 for 2: * Windows in Round Walls render the jamb terribly. * Entourage Figures render with missing body parts. The first has been wrong for many versions and is still not fixed. Submitted several times with no response.
  23. Yeah, but that 5 mm (probably 1mm...anything but equal) is aggravating because of the time to discover it (and knowing I'll forget it next time), because the first inclination is to assume I made a mistake and don't know how to create a dutch hip. Any idea how to add a window to the wall?
  24. How does one add a window to the wall created by a Dutch Hip roof? It seems that a Dutch Hip roof cannot be created on a roof face on a perfectly square roof. I had to add at least a fraction of an inch to either the length or width of the underlying walls before the Dutch Hip option showed up. That make sense?
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