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  1. i guess i'm trying to find out if it is buggy or just won't work. I have been a user of vectorworks (minicad) for about 30 years + am thinking about going to Chief Architect
  2. Anyone using 2016 + apple Mojave? What problems do you have?
  3. It's back again. Deleted Memory Disk + the q stopped logging off but this morning the system started logging of again.
  4. Found it! There was a conflict with a program called Memory Disk File Cleaner.
  5. Just updated to SP3. Now every time I type the q, I get logged out of the computer. All other letters are fine. All other programs are fine and I could type q yesterday. Using Mac mid 2011 i7, os 10.11.4
  6. Can anyone get vp multi line extend to work? I can't input my serial number It was one on my favorite tools (considerably better than connect-combine) + It worked fine till v2015. Vectorplug-ins doesn't answer
  7. I need to get my iMac repaired + plan on buying a used mac mini for the two weeks my computer will be in the shop Any ideas on the minimum (or oldest) I could buy + still get some work done I don't mind if it's slow but I want to get something done I'm using system 10.9 + vectorworks 2014 Thanks Tom
  8. How do i make the soil hatch or gravel hatch darker? I have tried editing buy changing the thickness but that doesn't seep to change anything. It looks good on the screen but lost in the printing Thanks
  9. How do I increase the line weight for the tub-shower hybrid object. The weight is now set at 2 I'm using the 2008 version Thanks
  10. I'm using Architect 2008 for the mac without renderworks I have no textures tab in my wall preferences. I'm confused if I am doing something wrong or need to buy more stuff ( I don't want to do photo images just textures) The residential product tour "creating walls" doesn't mention renderworks thanks
  11. Is there anyway of attaching a keyboard shortcut to a saved view?
  12. I draw using Architect 11.5 on a Mac and print on a PC using Vectorworks Viewer(11.5) Although everything is there on the pc screen, there will be areas on the paper that is not printed. This has happened only on my latest drawing
  13. How do I set the page setup to default to architectural size D using Viewer11, XP, and HP 430 designjet ?
  14. Using Vectorworks 11 and osx10.3 I am trying to use "batch print "and "save as pdf" This gives me the first page only. Is there any way of making multiple pages?
  15. I?m doing plans for additions and have been taking digital photos of the existing buildings, import them into Vectorworks and bringing them to scale. The measurements are somewhat crude and I was looking into Realviz?s imagemodeler. That seems like overkill (defines as too expensive) I don?t need textures etc. I?m not using Renderworks. I?m looking only for line drawings Anyone know a similar program?
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