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  1. @Matt Panzer ah ha! Thank you - makes sense. But, is there a way to override this, or assign everything to being a "structural" object without having to make each object "Merge with Structural Objects in Sections"? So
  2. yes! However my 'profile line class' doesn't seem to show anything but a line line, despite it being set to 0.35. Is there another setting I have missed?
  3. I know this topic has been floating around in historic posts, but, I'm hoping someone can answer my question below unequivocally (feel a bit silly as I've been using VW for years): Within the Advanced Section Properties of the Cut Plane, can I have each object's respective fill be shown, and add a profile line to the cut elements? Seems I can either alter the settings to specify the profile line, or the fill, but not both. Have I missed something very basic here?
  4. We have been experiencing the exact same issues on VW 2018 SP1 and as such have abandoned Project Sharing all together. Too much time is wasted loosing 'un-commitable' work and rebuilding Project Sharing files. Very much hoping these issues are addressed in SP2.
  5. We are able to check out and release sheets/layers, but changes cease to be pushed to the Project File after approx. 2 hours. Running VW2018 without SP1.
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