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  1. This is a great help. Thank you so much Pat and Andy. I think I got it working now. All the best
  2. Thank you so much Pat. I am using mac, but I am having a hard time locating the Workgroup Folder.
  3. Hi there, I have .sta template in my computer that I want to import when I start a new document. First I go to File - New then I select Use Document Template and I want to select the .sta file that is in my computer but it is not showing in the list. I am assuming that I need to choose or upload the .sta file. How do I do that? I can't figure it out. I would appreciate your help. Thanks
  4. Thanks guys, I think, I don't need to have uninstaller and I only need to contact Vectorworks Staff. I am on it now I will let you guys know what happens.
  5. Hi everyone, What are the proper steps to uninstall Vectorworks License from computer (A) and install Vectorworks to another computer (B)? 1/ Uninstall Vectorworks License from the computer (A). 2/Contact Vectorworks Staff to deactivate Vectorworks from computer (A). Is there anyway to do it myself? 3/Install Vectorworks in computer (B). 4/Contact Vectorworks Staff again to activate Vectorworks on computer (B). Is there anyway to do it myself?
  6. Jamil

    Import Classes

    Hi there, I am a new Vectorworks user. I would appreciate if you guys can help me out with this. Everytime when I open Vectorworks 2017 and I want to import a class from our File/Office Standards I have to go to New (Import Classes) go to Choose the file that has all standards. Is there a way that I can keep the file showing up and I dont have to slect Choose and look for it everytime I want to bring a class? I am not sure if I am explaining well the problem here. If not, please let me know. Best,


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