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  1. Pedro your position is extreme...you should rethink it.
  2. Good idea but first what kind of mac do you have? An upgrade might not be possible...
  3. Pedro, You should read my post entitled "Where is the toolkit?" Suzanne
  4. We have been using VectorWorks for almost 6 years--and have changed with its changes through various versions, and as old users who would think to speak to a rep about features moving that have been added with each new version? I now see that NNA has a much different plan for VW than Diehl did but it seems that many longtime users may not have known this. As with other programs you expect to maintain a base and add or alter features, not remove them. I guess that we just didn't do our homework. I still admire the low cost and flexibility though.
  5. What I want to know is why would anyone buy just VectorWorks, my office is an Architectural office and we just bought the regular old one assuming that it would be the same and it's clearly not. We really should have bought the architect but hoow were we supposed to know?
  6. Our office has plain old VectorWorks--not VectorWorks Architect, the toolkit is mysteriously absent from the resource palette is that why? Is there somewhere I can find a description of the difference between VW and VW Architect--I am only discovering these difference as I go along. Another tool that I don't have anymore is the Property Bounds Tool.
  7. I installed the plug-in but I don't understand how to edit my workspace to include it please explain.
  8. To use the revision cloud tool, you click on the little wrench and check the settings. As soon as I click back on the drawing to presumably draw the cloud the [+] turns back to a selction arrow immediately. HELP!!!
  9. I can't even figure out how to use the new version of the revision cloud tool; I find that the revised tools in Vector Works 9.5.1 require more thought and less ability to just draw. I never need a revision cloud of a specific size--so what would have been the harm in keeping one that you could shape by elipse?
  10. I have also been noticing that the smart cursor doesn't always allow the object that I am dragging to snap to the corner or edge that I have selected. I will show up correctly on the screen and when I release the mouse it snaps to the next object to the left/right. Is this an issue with my monitor?
  11. I don't understand the question. Please elaborate.
  12. Now the palettes are back and I didn't touch the workspace. This has happened to 2 other people in my office.
  13. I have made a new workspace in Vector Works 9.5.2 and now the palettes I have selected don't appear as the default when I launch a file. I have to go to the palettes menu and select each one. I edited a copy of the default workspace and only added/removed tools from the palettes. I did nothing else. Please help.
  14. Pedro!!!! Stop answering my posts, you are driving me crazy. Love, Suzanne
  15. The problem that I have seems to occur most often when I am resizing double line polygons. When I drag the selected vertices and hit shift while using the "Moves handles of polygons."tool it never appears constrained on the screen. I am always dragging the polygon to a parallel guide line.
  16. Has anyone noticed that using the shift key to constrain lines doesn't seem to work anymore? Am I doing something wrong? I am also having difficulty while drawing polygons snapping to points.
  17. My question was serious one please do not berate me with your jokes. Thank you.
  18. Could someone please tell me what I am supposed to do with the spiral tool.
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