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  1. Mike, Unfortunately, I'm not using the truss tool. In order to get my drawing to be accurate, I've imported the CAD block from Tyler Truss' website for GT Truss. Once I imported it, I then converted it into an Auto Hybrid object so it was able to represented on both my 2D & 3D views. And that's where I run into problems. You can see in the attached file that I've created a 32 ft. section of truss with lighting fixtures and I'm wanting to rake that truss. Thoughts? Tyler_GT_Truss_v2.vwx
  2. Checking in on this....has there been any feature released on how to do this easier in v2017? I have similar desire....a raked truss with lighting fixtures.
  3. cthomas_denver

    Auto Hybrid object disappearing when adjusting Z value

    Most excellent! Thanks!
  4. cthomas_denver

    ConnectCAD review?

    Hey Josh, I am the Technical Director at a church and have a license for ConnectCAD. I love it! We've used it to document our video system and I'm currently working on documenting our intercom system.
  5. I imported a DWG file of an object(piece of entertainment trussing) and then converted it to an Auto Hybrid object. However, when I adjust the Z value, it disappears when in Top/Plan view. What did I do incorrectly? The other thing is that I'd love to be able to apply a fill color to the object when in 2D perspective. Tyler_GT_Truss.vwx


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