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  1. Than you EAlexander. This fixed my problem. 👍👍
  2. Thanks for answering Zoomer. Where is that setting? I've already gone into file > document settings > document preferences > resolution, and set it to 500, 600, 700. It's still so fuzzy I can't use it to send to a client.
  3. I'm have having problems with exporting a PDF. If I render with openGL or Final Quality renderworks the resulting PDF is image quality is very poor. I export with 300 DPI resolution. It looks sharp before I export, the exported PDF is very blurred. Wireframe or Hidden line come out perfectly sharp. Any ideas? Steve. MacBook Pro 2017, High Sierra 10.13.6 VectorWorks 2018, RenderWorks , Spotlight
  4. Hi Alan. You attachment is exactly the same as how I normally do dimensions, with the view ports, the only difference is I prefer to have 0 offset on the text. I'm sure in your example if you put all the text offsets to 0, the plan view will look OK, you can fill the text, but all the other views you can't fill the text.
  5. Hi Joerg, thanks for the tip, if I add dimensions in viewport annotations the text fills over the dimension line, this fixes most of my problems. I still have a problem though if I use a custom 3D viewport, adding dimensions in annotations doesn't work on a custom 3D viewport. Thanks JimW, I still have the same problem in hidden line render, however I do get the text fill if I render in renderworks, but for the type of stuff I'm doing I rarely need or want to render in renderworks.
  6. I do a lot of drawings where I show view ports in plan view, front, side, etc. I make dimensions solid to the text is on top of the line. This is fine in plan view, but if I go to any other view the text appears to have no fill, it has the line through the text so you can't read it. It's driving me crazy. I end up doing my dimensions on top of my view ports and manually typing in the dimensions, a very boring fix! Can anyone help?
  7. Hi. On my design layer I can use final quality render works and it looks perfect. When I create a view port I get a very low res version of the rendering, not suitable for presentation. Can anyone help? Steve.
  8. Here's the test file I'm playing with.
  9. Hi Michaelk. I'm not sure if this solves my problem. I can use the visualisation palette to create a new light source, and this one casts shadows. But my moving light still is not. I want to be able to use fixtures from the spotlight library. Steve.
  10. Hi there. I can't get a lighting device to cast shadows or light fog. I have a one colour renderworks background with "lit fog" and "receive shadows" ticked. I have a fixture from the spotlight library, it texture is default instrument texture. I have a fucus point and I can see the footprint of the light. I get a solid cone if I choose "draw beam", I know the light is there, but no shadows and no fog. Can anyone help? Cheers, Steve. Spotlight 2014 RenderWorks 2014 MacBook Pro OSX 10.9
  11. Bingo, thanks Andrew, I have this working at last. My drawing is a similar scenario to your example, I have truss arches. It seems a clunky way of doing things but it works. Thanks a million.
  12. Hi Michael. I've already tried this. I get the message "Hybrid objects can only be rotated about the Z axis"
  13. Thanks Andrew. I'm using spotlight 2014 so I have access the up to date tools. I had a read through the thread you suggested. Again I have the same problem, I can only rotate a symbol in the X or Y axis if it's 3D only, I have to lose the 2D representation.


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