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  1. Thanks Biblap, I was aware of that, but as you said: no radius. I can solve it with adding extra CV's, but I need to be able to position them on the correct distance from the corner CV. Right now I can only add the by hand, or by using cooridnates. Is there some kind of hidden trick to insert CV's using a distance from another CV? Cheers, BaRa
  2. This has nothing to do with Vectorworks, but everything with ACAD. If that DWG or DXF were sent to another ACAD user, he would also be missing the referenced files, and thus having an imcomplete file. Binding, as has been said, will help. Cheers, BaRa
  3. Hi all, I would like to add the following items to the PowerPack Wishlist: - different viewports at once: front, side, perspective etc. in which we can draw "simultaneously". So we can start a curve in top view, and finish it in side view without having to interupt the command. - better navigation tools in 3D-space like you have in Cinema4D, Maya, StudioTools, Rhino etc. Either the 3 mouse-buttons for panning, dollying/zooming and rotating (but this would require a 3-button mouse, and most mac-users don’t have those) or 3 logical key shortcuts, combined with mouse movement. Very important: the navigation shortcuts SHOULD NOT interupt drawing operations. Compare it to the space-bar: you can pan without interupting a command. - Visibility of the vertex grid. Show the u and v-lines at all times (preferably with the option to hide them) instead of only showing them when moving CV’s (like it is in the current implementation). This is of course also valid for the NURBS-curves, not only for the NURBS-surfaces - Make it possible to select multiple CV’s. In the current situation, you can only select single CV’s, U’s and V’s. We should be able to select CV’s like we do in 2D, and be able to move them like we do in 2D by, amongst other things, using the move-command. - The option to add points to an existing curve by specifying the position, not in X-Y-Z coordinates but by giving a Length: a distance from (a) the start or end of the curve or (b) the distance from a specific vertex. This leads to two things: being able to add a vertex somewhere "in between" two points but at a specific location by giving a distance, and being able to extend a curve in a linear way (or perhaps even in a curving way?). Of course, the distance I'm talking about can expressed either as a percentage or in units. - the possibility to define a working plane by not only three points or by a face, but also by clicking on a point on a curve. As a curve has a unique direction in every point, it should be possible to click on a point on a curve and define a working plane going through that point and being perpendicular to the curve direction in that point. This only works for curves of course, not for surfaces. Let met know what you think Cheers, BaRa
  4. Hi all, I'm tracing the frame of a chair right now, but I've got problems with connecting the different straight parts AND applying a fillet. Take a look at what I want to achieve at the following URL: NURBS curve "fillet" Right now I'm drawing the straight parts, and positioning arcs in between them, but that's a hell of a job. Is there any other way - some kind of filleting of NURBS curves? Something similar to Studio Tools' Blend curve?
  5. Hi Spencer, As you have found the solution, I'm gonna remove the movie - I need to save webspace. Kind regards, BaRa
  6. Hi spencer, Take a look at the following movie (3MB): spoon The model was made with the Dutch VW-version, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem. As you can see the top isn't a perfect elipse, but by adding extra ribs you should be able to solve the problem Cheers, BaRa
  7. it doesn't have to be transparent, as long as it's white (100% white). Of course, there's nothing wrong with having it transparent in the picture Cheers, BaRa
  8. Did the upgrade from 9.5 to 10, and 10's actually quite a lot faster. So I guess this is platform or system specific. Cheers, BaRa
  9. If you need a third-party application for trees, check out greenworks - it has a better user interface than (Onyx)tree. And it wil be available as a plugin for Cinema4D. So you won't have to use heavy 3D-geometry in VW anymore Cheers, BaRa [ 07-07-2003, 12:18 PM: Message edited by: BaRa ]
  10. Message to all: the current version of the VW-C4D plugin was the first one ever. It was based on the functionality of the VW-Artlantis plugin. Every bug that has been mentionned in this thread has been reported to Maxon. The next version will take care of those, and probably go a couple of steps beyond that. Kind regards, BaRa
  11. What version are you using? It's supposed to be fixed in VW 10. It's one of the upgrade things I show people regularly. Cheers, BaRa
  12. As far as I can tell, you're bumping into one of the limits of Spotlight. If you give a light object the same co?rdinates as the instrument, it will be placed inside the instrument, and as the instrument isn't open at the front, you won't see any light coming out of it. You need to place your light object not on the same spot as your instrument. I always place it a bit lower. This is actually one of the improvements I would like to see in an new version of Spotlight: instruments open at the front, automatically with a light object with the correct angle settings, that always projects a light into the scene, that can be given a gobo at any time. Of course, that would also imply that the 2D and 3D symbols representing the instruments would have to be focused on the focus point. This is not the case yet. The current situation is not very logical, you have to make to many clicks to make simple things like lighting the scene happen. Cheers, BaRa
  13. quote: Originally posted by Ruggedbull: Are there other tutorials out there on the web? Looking to refine my skills... What are you looking for exactly? Parametric 3D-modeling, freeform modeling (NURBS-based), architecture, product design, ...? Cheers, BaRa
  14. quote: Originally posted by 0XiDE: Is there anyway to clear the object's history so that it increases performance and response time? Thanks You'll have to wait a bit longer. It seems to be high on the NURBS wishlist. Cheers, BaRa
  15. Hi Zero, I think I know my way around C4D, as long as you're talking about vizualisation. Character animation isn't my strongest point How can I help you? Kind regards, BaRa [ 06-30-2003, 03:29 PM: Message edited by: BaRa ]
  16. First: never encountered the problem you described starting from version 9. It did happen in 8 and prior, but in my case nothing starting from 9. Second: why would you want to use VIZ? There other options available. Consider C4D. There's a plugin that regulates data exchange, just like between ACAD and VIZ. VIZ is harder to learn/use, more expensive and has about the same options. No RPC-support, but that's about the only difference that could matter (and even in that case there are other solutions). Unless you extensively use organic geometry? Third: If you really want to use VIZ, then what kind of export option are you using? DXF/DWG or IGES? Cheers, BaRa
  17. It's a known bug - I reported it a while ago, together with a couple of other issues. Version 2 of the plugin is in development, and it will resolve those issues and add a couple of new export possibilites. Can't say more, I'm afraid. B.T.W.: if you have requests concerning the plugin, please send them to Maxon Germany - they are the ones controling the development. Cheers, BaRa
  18. Thanks Kevin, it makes a bit more sense now :-) Cheers, BaRa
  19. Hi guys, I am trying to figure out what "ganging" and "multicircuit" do exactly, but being Dutch, my English isn't good enough to understand it exactly. Could anyone explain? I do have the manual, but being an architect instead of a light designer or technician doesn't help much. Also, if someone could tell me what a two-fer is? Thanks in advance and kind regards, BaRa
  20. Hello, A friend of mine has several licences of VW on win2000. He uses a server to store his files. VectorWorks is installed on several workstations. If he tries to open a mcd-file from the server, he is confronted with an incredible lag. Opening a 5MB file takes a couple of minutes, while opening a 30MB file in photoshop takes only half a minute. Clearly a VectorWorks - Windows problem. I never encountered this problem before, but perhaps somebody on this list knows what I am talking about. Ciao,BaRa
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