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  1. Now we have stairs reshape with cursor (the most complex parametric) it's a good idea to do it with doors and windows in fact we can start to do it as we do a line instead of a symbol insertion. basic things Vectorworks can improve.
  2. I update and old script from VW 2016 to VW2012 that used to be a toggle for hide palettes and now sends me this error: DoMenuTextByName('Standard Palettes Chunk', 6); { obj browser } this script still works all palettes except navigation and info how can I update this thanks DoMenuTextByName('Tool Palettes', 1); DoMenuTextByName('Tool Palettes', 2); DoMenuTextByName('Tool Palettes', 3); DoMenuTextByName('Tool Palettes', 4); DoMenuTextByName('Tool Palettes', 5); DoMenuTextByName('Tool Palettes', 6); DoMenuTextByName('Tool Palettes', 7); DoMenuTextByName('Tool Palettes', 8); DoMenuTextByName('Tool Palettes', 9); DoMenuTextByName('Tool Palettes', 10); DoMenuTextByName('Standard Palettes Chunk',1); { constraints } DoMenuTextByName('Standard Palettes Chunk', 2); { attributes } DoMenuTextByName('Standard Palettes Chunk', 3); { obj info } DoMenuTextByName('Standard Palettes Chunk', 4); { working planes } DoMenuTextByName('Standard Palettes Chunk', 5); { resources } DoMenuTextByName('Standard Palettes Chunk', 6); { obj browser } DoMenuTextByName('Standard Palettes Chunk', 6); { obj browser }
  3. Use Collada or C4D to export from vector to Keyshot it exports clases lights an textures
  4. We need simulation render module module as sefira or solid works does for structural analysis or heat I have been designing some 3d prints and I can not test them in vector also I do leed and I can not print those kind of renders please!!!!!!!
  5. lcda

    Renderworks style

    thanks a lot, and yes i checked the scale now this is the final renders the texture shows ok for me now, i love vectorworks renders. https://www.behance.net/gallery/106945423/MONTE-OLIMPO
  6. lcda

    Renderworks style

    Texture is form renderworks arronway texutures Concrete PIP Rough but now works with bump strength 100% thanks a lot!!!
  7. lcda

    Renderworks style

    Thanks I changed the image and nothing happens I´m trying with more bump strenght
  8. lcda

    Renderworks style

    im using image as a bump
  9. Is there a way to render with texture bumps and without colors i use this options and use bumps on textures and the render goes flat, is this a bug or I´m doing something wrong
  10. If you use the software full bim there's no case to use scale on design layers, I mean you are doing a model of the reality, you don't have to print in design layers but sheet layers is another story it could be in both for those legacy of 2d fans but when you want to dimension objets on sheet layers you have to go to annotations, look at sketchup for example.
  11. As this is now a FULL BIM SOFTWARE scale should be on sheet layers and not on drawing layers
  12. I don´t know if this already exists, but when im trying to extend a parametric symbol i have to 1.- i have to go ruler, 2.- take the size 3.-click on the object 4.- then input into the info palette 5.- move the object to the position so i could be a lot easier to: 1.- click on the objetc 2.- click on the value you want to modify 3.- draw the value you want to modify on the direction you want not to modify position (if it is a length ask you for two points or ask you for 3 if it´s an angle) thanks a lot
  13. we need an energos rendering mode to do presentations like this https://buildingoptimization.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/shadow_range.png
  14. we need an energos rendering mode to do presentations like this https://buildingoptimization.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/shadow_range.png
  15. http://www.vectorworks.net/support/downloads/product-updates/product-update?id=11
  16. lcda

    3D trees?

    on vectorworks 2017 you have to do de sp3 update on 2016 you have to add the tool on the workspace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNVao1gM58g
  17. We need to make more visual presentations to sell energos to our clients this software is an example http://sefaira.com/sefaira-architecture/
  18. Just add spaces on space planning set a wall height, include in energos calculations as walls and slabs
  19. its so stupid all of these years an i can NOT use radial dimension on viewports UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
  20. yes and after 3 years is not EXPORTING LIGHTS ON SYMBOLS with version 2017
  21. i wish vectorworks could provide us with simple 2d lattice examples, i tried to do a basic one based on de webinar tutorials but i can´t rotate or scale polygons or clip the surface lattice.zip
  22. does any one knows how to do a brick wall hatch like this
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