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  1. Katie: In the OIP, the callout is simply called a 'plug-in object' and has blank x,y,z, and rotation fields. It shows a class and layer pulldown tab; class is editable, layer is not, as it's within a viewport annotation space. We use basic Vectorworks, but the file has not left the office, and all of our seats have the base Vectorworks licensed.
  2. This has occured on several of our files; as far as I can tell, at some point, all objects in the file (callouts, detail tags, section tags, etc.) turned into un-editable 'plug-in objects.' The OIP shows them with no editable attributes, dimensions, etc. Unfortunately, there have been multiple people working on the set, so I can't determine a clear history in terms of what has been done to the files. Is there any kind of fix for this, or will we need to either explode all our annotation symbols/make new ones? I'm reluctant to use callouts, etc. after this, on the chance that we'll end up with another set with uneditable notes right before a deadline.
  3. Hope this helps, it sure helped here: After getting many postscript errors while trying to plot to a HP 455CA, the problem was solved by turning postscript complexity all the way up in the RIP preferences, and checking "unlimited downloadable fonts" in the postscript options in the page setup menu.
  4. On occasion (much too often for anyone's tastes) workgroup references disappear; upon opening a file containing referenced layers, I get multiple messages saying something along the lines of "layer *#(@))#*$" (basically gibberish) could not be found, etc.) After OKing these dialog boxes, the file opens with the layers not attached. Is this is a common prob, and it there any kind of fix?? We keep all the refenced files in the same folder on our server as the files we're referencing the layers into, and they have not been renamed or anything like that.
  5. I have Architect 9.0.0 installed, want to update to 9.5.1 . . . how do I get to Architect 9.0.1 (as the installer says this is required), I can't find anything in the downloads section that seems to fit. I'm probably just too tired to notice it, can someone point me where to go?
  6. I'm trying to mark a dimension from the outer edge of an exterior foundation wall to the centerline of an interior foundation wall; does anyone know of a way to create a dimension line with different linear markers at each end? (in this case, a diagonal line thru one end and a circle marker at the other.) It doesn't seem possible to do so in the dimension preferences menu, but I'm praying I don't have to draw the end markers manually.
  7. this may or may not help: I worked at an office that had magenta color shifts when printing to an Epson 1280 running the Adobe postscript RIP--this was corrected by unchecking SWOP emulation in some obscure control panel . . . possibly the same thing?
  8. Im having similar problems--we've got a network of three G4s printing to a Power Mac 6100/60 RIP server to a 455CA, on several files we get either postscript errors or type 2 crashes, does not seem to be fill or font related . . . apparently, it might be the referenced title block we're using. Anyone else had this prob?
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