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  1. I used appropriate tool button in the Furn/Fixture tool set provided by Vectorworks.
  2. Is there someway I can generate a cabinet schedule? I found I can do a report for wall, base, and tall cabinets but can't figure out how to get my symbols to reflect that report so I can't fill in the data.
  3. Hey Pufferfish! Have you been able to install 12/5 upgrade yet? I am having same problems on Mac.
  4. I guess what I meant in my last post was that I have modified the window ID shape and color. I put it in the class for window spec. I don't see my reply to you so I will also repeat that I am using the US version.
  5. Hi Katie, Since I haven't heard back from you, (I was not sure if you received the other replies) so am rewriting what I wrote in the other replies. What I get when I select the windows is"Custom Object in Wall" at the top of the Object Info Palatte. I used the window tool in the Tool Sets from the Building Shell set
  6. I used the window tool in the Tool Sets from the Building Shell set
  7. Hi Katie, Thanks for replying so quickly. What I get when I select the windows is"Custom Object in Wall" at the top of the Object Info Palatte
  8. I am having problems editting the windows on my drawing. I click on the window and none of buttons below the"Flip" and "Position" buttoms appear anymore. I am trying to generate a window schedule and am not getting any of the windows listed.
  9. I just tried adding another stair way to my drawing and input the above dimensions and it came out correctly. I sent my file to the tech e-mail address. But at least I correctly drawn stair. If you figure out how I corrupted the stair, let me know. Thanks for your time and help. Sorry about the double reply above.
  10. Sure. What's your e-mail address?
  11. Sure. What's your e-mail address?
  12. I actually started with trying to use 7 1/4 " now as I remember but it measured 6 7/8" so I was trying to trick it to make my rises the correct measurement. 7 1/4" does mulitply into 16 risers, as you mention, but it is not drawing it that way. Any suggestions?
  13. I am trying to draw stairs in the" REven Double" configuration and want the rise to be 7 1/2" h. but the tool makes them only 7 1/8" h in the 3-d mode. The floor to floor dimension is 9"8". Is there anyway to make the tool draw it as I imput the dimensions into the info box? I have to agree with some of the other postings, that while the tool is helpful to have, it could use some additional tweaks. Thanks for your help.
  14. I cannot get my VW to keep track of the time I spend on my drawings. I am operating a Mac G4 PB, using system 10.2.6 and am using VW 10.1.2. Until just recently, I have always been able to keep track of time which is very helpful in billing clients. I have checked the box in the preferences menu, zapped my PRAM and still no logging. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! :confused Pat
  15. Does anyone out there know where to find the patch (Poster Jet) for the HP455ca? I have been able to plot until I went on vacation and came back and now get the dreaded 8993 message. I talked to the Hp techie and he gave me an address to find the patch but I must not have written it down correctly. I have been following the forums various discussions about the apparent lack of support from both Nemetschek and HP to solve the problem of the RIP software. I too would love to know if anyone out there actually has a plotter that communicates seamlessly with VW9.x? I am using Mac OS10 and lower. Is there any reasonably priced solution?
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