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  1. 3 hours ago, line-weight said:

    I'd be quite impressed with any application that could draw roof tiles fully correctly. It would have to know how to set them out across the roof slope, keeping within max/min cover dimensions, and it would have to know about details at ridge and eaves which might involve special-size tiles. And ideally it would draw battens and know about tilting fillets and all this kind of thing. For vertical walls it would have to know how to draw the details around window openings, etc.

    All great points made in recent posts above. I am always on the lookout for automation of 3d detailing. The best I have seen so far for this specific thing is Plusspec, a Sketchup plugin that has real materials (even labelled insulation batts!)  and intelligent lintels over windows that change profile with span and timber trusses and rafters/hips that are generated as part of a roof component.  Mostly tailored for Australian single storey buildings and material suppliers at the moment however. I am in UK. 

  2. 2 hours ago, Tom W. said:

    I know nothing about Revit but I'm interested: would a section through the model in Revit produce accurate detailing of individual roof tiles as per your example?

    That is the key for me. Any competent draftsman can draw plans and elevations quickly in 2d. To me the power if 3d and BIM should lie in AI and machine learning for section production with accuracy and easy editing/material selection. Lots of correction with line drawing over blanked out incorrect fills negates the advantages. 

  3. Ps.  The above may have seemed off topic.  However I am on a similar position to the headline writer except I am the opposite ie I am a user of VW for 15+ years who is looking at Revit for things like accurate representation of architectural sections drawn from the model base plans.  Our new architect is an experienced Revit user.  She is in the middle of a VW Architect trial to fit into our ecosystem and is finding it a disappointment.  We need to meet in the middle somehow either by me showing her VW can compete on BIM or her persuading me to switch. 

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  4. Thankyou all for your time and interest.  Let’s see what the pool of knowledge produced.  I am really fast at producing 2d sections out of my head. It comes with age 🙂.  To me a BIM system should have a degree of automation written by someone who can put a building together. I shouldn’t have to trace over a 4 lines section with no fills.  I was looking to see what the VW settings are like for what I thought would be a a really simple starting point - a tiled,  insulated timber pitched roof section.  It fell over so I went back to 2d as I have for many years.  If the intelligence is there in the app, let’s see who can reveal it for us. 

  5. Thankyou so much for taking the trouble to comment. No - not hand assembled!!  

    I am in the process of prising myself away from 2d.

    It was simply a case of using ‘create roof from polygon’ command. Then selecting a standard roof build up and replacing the default build up.  Then changing the visibility on the viewport from solid black fill to more detail. 

  6. It is worth noting the history of WYSIWYG interfaces


    1. Xerox Parc

    2. Mac

    3. Windows


    Without that we may all still have command line word processor commands for all CAD functions.  Despite adapting to a graphical interface, Autocad still retains a command line. 


    Although we complain, without Graphsoft Minicad (Graphisoft is the Archicad company,) an excellent CAD app would be hard to find.  So whereas we complain, unless Nemetschek had agreed, after purchasing both companies, to continue developing in both Apple and MS environments, we would not have the option to choose. 


    The issue of compatibilty and upgrades is something we have to live with to retain our choices.  I appreciate the continuing efforts of Nemetschek to maintain the options in an ever changing environment. 

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  7. On 5/21/2020 at 1:10 AM, A McDonell said:

    Im thinking about upgrading to Catalina with VW2020. Am i crazy?


    Not necessarily.  All is fine now.  

    I was driven crazy when first using Mojave with VW 2019 but have recovered after a year of rest and rehab.  

    Catalina is now OK also with 2019 so I assume 2020 is too.  


    I cancelled Service Select after losing so many months of productive work last year and now cannot justify spending £1100 for the 'upgrade' to 2020.  I don't mind paying for additional features but object to paying annually for unfinished compatibility.  There are long debates on this last issue (is it Apple's fault or developers, timing of OS release vs VW releases etc)  so please don't anyone restart that one.

  8. Well here we go...

    I took the plunge six months after the official release of Catalina and having failed to renew the Service Select.  


    I have downloaded Catalina and have been running VW 2019 with good success.  It is as stable as it was under Mojave six months into that update (the first three months of Mojave/VW2019 were a nightmare).  


    As others have said, wait six months after each Apple OS and Vectorworks annual update and you have far less chance of losing productive time while the two catch up with each other and iron out incompatibilities.

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  9. 24 minutes ago, B Cox said:

    @Nicolas Goutte Gosh I cant think of a reason why... Maybe because there are 100 million OSX users?


    Are you trolling?

    Another way would be for software vendors to test the actual release of OSX rather than beta only and not issue upgrades the same month as apple releases their latest version of the OS. As several have said on this forum, the final release of OSX can differ from beta. Appx 6 months stagger may be adequate assurance that the latest software version will be reasonably compatible with the latest OS.  From the experience with Mojave, it took many vendors 6 months after release to catch up. This would restore confidence that subscribers are only funding upgrades rather than collaborating on compatibility testing. 

  10. We are being offered massive discounts to upgrade to 2020/resubscribe to VSS. 


    I am pleased I unsubscribed. Otherwise I would have been gutted to see the 40% off promotions two months after the deadline. 


    Last year’s issues were too much time, trouble and stress for me. A year on, I have to say that Mojave and the current 2019 SP are working fine so that will be the status quo for me for a good while yet...

  11. I wasn't only quoting you Mark - just acknowledging that your post got me thinking again.  I think we are all swaying from a love of Mac and VW and memories of rock solid stability and security to persistent and increasingly recent reality checks.  Most ( me for sure) bought into Apple many years ago as Windows 3.1 was such a poor Mac clone and a wind up and Autocad just was not intuitive for architects.  

    We bought into VW as it was a Mac program back in the 80s and Apple was great.

    What we had and still want is fading into the past.  We have such a legacy of VW CAD files that we just have to somehow make it work rather than be switchers into the unknown...

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  12. On 9/2/2019 at 11:58 PM, Mark Aceto said:


    To be clear, most - if not all - of the fault cause here lies with Apple. VW 2019 SP 5.1 is smooth as butter on macOS 10.14.6 SU 2. Meanwhile the betas of Catalina (and iOS 13) are tracking a legendary level of bugs, so anyone rolling the dice with a .0 release should expect nothing but trouble.


    Keep in mind there will not be a VW 2019 SP 6 or a macOS 10.14.7, so this is as good as it gets (every year at this time). That's also a major milestone for an OS that's about to end 32-bit support (unrelated to VW). The next 3-6 months are a wonderful time to take advantage of this stability (instead of intentionally choosing frustration). It's also a great time to play with the new version of VW but there's not a single colleague, vendor, designer or anyone I work with that will use the new version for a paid project until sometime around December (SP 2.1 was solid last year). If VW could improve one thing, it would be closing the 4-5 month gap between SP 2 and SP 3 every year with more of those point updates (SP 2.2, 2.3... ).


    The other thing to keep in mind is that Cook's Apple prioritizes selling subscriptions over performance: power, speed, stability, ports, thermal management... Most of the Mojave updates (and Catalina upgrade) have been and continue to be focused on adding services: News, TV+, Arcade, MasterCard...


    And, yeah, Windows is definitely the safe bet every September when Apple drops their half-baked OS on third party developers and peripheral manufacturers, and they scramble to reverse engineer a game of Whac-A-Mole in real time to figure out how Apple broke their sh!t. I mean it took 3Dconnexion nearly 2 years to solve the unplug USB mouse on restart issue introduced in High Sierra. Even 1Password has issues with each subsequent release. Then there was the 10.14.4 keychain bug that hosed everyone's Google accounts... 


    So having read most of the posts now on this subject - what most are saying amounts to the fact that a Service Select subscription is a bad idea for Mac users.  Having paid for another year, the temptation is to download the latest version of Vectorworks right away.  The advice seems to be not to do so but rather to wait until it works well with the latest version of OSX (which based on 2019 and Mojave takes almost one year.)  Otherwise we are paying for an upgrade which is not yet compatible with the Mac OS of a similar period of time.  Having chosen this year not to renew Service Select I am looking longingly at the email links VW have sent me extolling the virtues of VW 2020.  However does it work with Mojave as well as the latest version of VW 2019?  How long will it be before either work with Catalina?

  13. I reluctantly cancelled my annual subscription renewal last month. When I see on this forum that 2020 is working with Catalina or whatever version combination of either I may resubscribe. I know it costs more to jump a couple of years before upgrading but maybe things will work out at some point. I have grown to find beachballs somewhat hypnotic and reassuring...like an old car that misfires at the same point after it warms up every day. 

  14. On 6/28/2019 at 4:08 PM, Andrew Pollock said:

    My balls never stop spinning, its what gets me up in the morning.


    The best thing about the iMac pro is that I can jump between so many apps without a performance hit. This spinning ball in VW was  new when I upgraded to Mojave. Frustrating but not a deal breaker at this point. The funny thing about VW is I understand it, many of the processes are still single core CPU. Therefor the New iMac would be a better value then a iMac Pro since it has better single core speeds and its less $$$$

    Good call. 

  15. 5 hours ago, Andrew Pollock said:

    My balls never stop spinning, its what gets me up in the morning.


    The best thing about the iMac pro is that I can jump between so many apps without a performance hit. This spinning ball in VW was  new when I upgraded to Mojave. Frustrating but not a deal breaker at this point. The funny thing about VW is I understand it, many of the processes are still single core CPU. Therefor the New iMac would be a better value then a iMac Pro since it has better single core speeds and its less $$$$

    Good call. 

  16. 49 minutes ago, Andrew Pollock said:

    I'm running an iMac Pro 64 gigs RAM with the pro vega 64. It better not be the GPU card. As a sole practitioner, I need to be able to keep multiple programs open at the same time as I jump between many apps. Your suggestion doesn't make sense nor should a software require more then the top of the line machine.

    My post was May 24th. Have your balls been spinning ever since?


    Well, then there really is no hope. Top of the line Mac and all is still not good for you. We should really give up all hope. 


    Thanks for saving me 4 grand on a new Mac meanwhile. I honestly thought that would be the answer. 

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