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  1. Yes I recently joined Vectorworks as a landscape industry specialist. While I don't have a lot of experience designing irrigation systems, I know that irrigation pipes are often laid in the same trench and often need to be represented graphically by tighter parallel lines, @Bryan G. provided input into the development of the irrigation tools and uses the tools in his workflow and might be able to comment further.
  2. I had the same issue when setting up my current project file and found that "Align with Internal Origin" kept the origin of the civil engineering base file intact. The 'downside' of having the drawing objects miles away from the origin is revealing itself in the graphic display of my 3D objects. This is something that I have experienced in SketchUp as well and makes collaborating on a multi-disciplinary team challenging. I attached a file showing how my raised planters were getting clipped and some elements appear to be floating. A previous firm I worked for used Revit for architecture models and they created a collaboration worksheet which identified the real-world coordinates and rotation and placed a graphic marker at this location. Their process was to then move all live linework closer to 0,0 and export the file to the real-world coordinates and rotation or move linework back to the graphic marker. It sounds complicated but there were 6 separate firms sharing Revit models and AutoCad files and this kept everything lined up. Just wanted to share my current and previous experience if it helps.


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