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  1. Hello, For some reason my line type selection reverts back to a different line type as if it were a default. So I try to select line type 2, but the pull down always shows line type 10. I would think that once you select a line type it would stay as the default until you select a different line type. Any help here? Thanks.
  2. Great...that did it! Thanks bcd!
  3. Hello, I just started using Architect 2012. I'm drafting a 2D elevation and want to use image fills. The image doesn't show up as the actual image shown in the attributes....looks more like a texture pattern. Do I need to have Renderworks for images to show up correctly? Thanks
  4. Kevin, Just saw your private response. Thanks, I'll try it.
  5. Need help getting my plotter to print. I've downloaded the gimp driver and I can select it. The plotter is connected to the directjet connected to the computer via ethernet cable. No network. In the printer list: what item do I select?: advanced, appletalk, et. If I choose IP then I need an address. Please lead me through the printer setup. I feel stuuupid. Thanks, Trey
  6. Wow! Now you've got me cuirous. I'm aware the airport was for wireless internet and I was going to check into wireless printing. I'm could do the research but can you tell me how you set this up? Thanks.
  7. Thanks again Kevin. I'll go ahead and order the upgrade tomorrow! You've been very helpful.
  8. Thanks Kevin. Yes I am using HP RIP. Is this different from Jetdirect and do I need the RIP with OS10.3? If the 455ca will work with OS10.3 & VW11 then I assume I can network my production computers instead of using a dedicated computer? Is the print driver in OS10.3 the Gimp driver that Katie spoke of?
  9. Hello, I'm about to upgrade to vw11. I work from a OS10.3 computer using vw8.5, then transfer the file to a dedicated computer for plotting (HP455ca w/serial port) running OS9.0, vw8.5. There is no driver upgrade for OS10.3. Can I transfer a vw11 file to my plot computer and still plot? I was told I needed to upgrade the plot computer to OS9.3. Will fonts still transfer? Or do I need to get a new plotter?
  10. Kurt, I am a new user and after reading your posts you may be able to help me. Of course I would appreciate comments from anyone. I am considering upgading to VW9.5 and OSX. I have a 455ca and transfer the drawing files to the plot station computer using OS8.5; no network. Reading the problems of printing VW9.5 to the 455 I was wondering, if I save a drawing in VW9.5 (OSX), can I plot it using VW 8.5 (OS9) on the plot station computer with no problems? Will a file from VW9.5 be readable/usable in VW 8.5? Thanks!
  11. Any way to 'bold' the room name text only? It appears that the entire room data is grouped as regular text. Under "Assign Room Finishes" pallet; how can I set up my own choices for finishes? All I get are VA defaults. Thanks
  12. Architect 8.5: suffixes are A-Z. Can suffixes be changed to a .01, .02, .01. etc. format? Is this available in 9.5? Any other tips on condoc notes?
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