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  1. As IO recall, the higher the number, the closer to the original object, I think you have a choice of 1-5 and it defaults to three.If you're tracing an in k drawing, going higher will get every bump or bleed int he image, adding lots, perhaps too much detail. It's pretty fast and then easy enough to quickly experiment.

    The AI trice function is better, but you then have to export to DXF, use Select Connected Objects and Combine into a new surface.

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  2. you might need the right or bounces. If I am seeing correctly, you might be expecting the light to travel through the glass like it might in real life, but it won't. At least not with existing tech. I Sometimes extract a 3D poly from those edges and apply a glow texture.

  3. I’VE ADDED ‘FROSTED PLEXI’ PANELS IN FROM OF A VIDEO WALL OBJECT IN VECTORWORKS. IT DOES ADD render time, but worth it for the look. Class the objects for testing and turning on and off as needed.


    sorry about the shouting there.

  4. 1 hour ago, Kristin Bailey said:

    Hi, Peter, I know only just enough about this to be dangerous, but it's possible that having it saved on your local drive is causing the problem. If you look at "Save on" in the parameter table on the following page of help, you'll see some information about that. This may have nothing to do with it, but it could be step one of an investigation.



    I tend to prefer Panorama over web view, but I process using VSS and then share links... I see other good advice above in terms of perspective views and setting up the export.

  5. 54 minutes ago, MrTemplate said:


    sure, but i believe it would be most helpful to single out exactly which settings were potentially going to be saved. "Do you want to save "My Default-Kevin Allen?" rather than merely "do you want to change the changes made to "LightingDeviceParamsSavedSet.xml".


    It would also be helpful if any or all of these settings could be saved in a more findable folder? I *think* i found one of my saved OIP parameters in Home > Library > Application Support > Vectorwor> 2020 > Plug-ins > Data? How about the Settings folder?


    Yes, I hope that is what I was saying.


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