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  1. 2 minutes ago, cwojo23 said:

    Copy with Basepoint would allow the user to pre select the From and then the To for copy points.


    Well, as I imagine what you describe, copying, pasting in place, and then using the move command would be virtually the same number of clicks.

    I'd still put in a VE for the functionality.

  2. 1 hour ago, jeff prince said:

    Most architects I know would not go to that level of detail for neither a rendering


    That gives me a sad. When I am involved with community projects, the level of detail and rendering generally presented in never enough for a planning board, zoning board, or historical preservation commission to make a proper, educated decision.

    Not to mention how often the look changes from presentation through construction.

    On the other hand, the level of detail may colleagues and I present is to show EXACTLY how the finished work will look.

  3. 8 hours ago, Tom W. said:

    ou could make the curvy-topped 'wall' straight first then use the 'Deform' tool to curve it in plan


    This would be the simplest approach. Extrude from an elevation. I would save a copy of the the extrude before bending for later editing.

  4. 23 minutes ago, gvictoria1 said:

    also wondering when I'm exporting an elevation - the line weight of the "shiplap" is darker than I'd like it to be - is there a way to adjust the line height of a particular 3D object in a 2D image? 



    If the line weight is specified by class, you can use a Class Override on the SLVP to control the lines, but might simply be the objects are too close together to properly register.


    Might be best to use a texture either as I suggested, or as @Andy Broomell suggests and use a Hatch for the elevations. Hatch can be assigned in the Texture definition.

  5. Just now, shorter said:

    Aha! Yes! The curse of autoclassing!


    Although it would still be imperfect, I would love to set up mapping such that these classes (however many) from within the VWX template file, should be Kevin's Class X. Always.


    Impeerfect in that I almost. always want to fine tune things, but that would go a long way

  6. 3 hours ago, shorter said:

    We always prefix or tag classes, and then set up filters to display only our classes and hide the rest.


    I have not done that, maybe it's worth a try. However, I am more interested in changing the Classes, not just unseeing them.


    For example. When using stock Spotlight symbols or truss, a wide range of classes come into the document. Lighting devices are classed by type of light (LED, etc) and I just don't care. I would like all of the devices to be classed in oe way. I have separate Classes for 2D components.


    Thi is especially an issue with new users suddenly dealing with an overly complex class system

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