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  1. I'm trying to export my sheet layers into DWG files but each time I export I end up with everything that is on my design layer. My intention was to export only what I have placed on my sheet layer, each sheet layer is composed of viewports that have come from my design layers. When in the process of exporting (in the DWF/DWG export options box) the class/ layer conversions does not give me the option of exporting DWF layers as Classes or Layers. Is there a way to simply export my present sheet layer?
  2. My present employer is curious about the benefits of using viewports, he feels that it is a time consuming process. Previously he worked with saved views. I only have experience in working with the viewports so I am unable to comment on the use of the saved views as I have no point of reference. Our drawings are only used for 2D as we don't use VW for presentations. We are trying to come up with a standard in the office and we each have our preferences. I learned to stack all of my drawings and have found this method beneficial however, there are some benefits to drawing everything on the same design layer as it allows you to quickly reference all of the drawings. Any advice?
  3. I'm brand new to this post and have had a poke around in the hopes that I could find a shingle hatch. I did happen across some great stone hatches. It appears as though there are a number of us that have hopes of securing a shingle hatch and from the sounds of it, creating your own sounds like an adventure. Any help would be much appreciated!! Graeme
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