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  1. One correction from my previous post: It printed fine using **ARCH C** preset (I didn't use ASME D as stated in the previous post)
  2. Thanks all - I have the 455CA and TiBook 667 - on a wireless network - was able to find my jetdirect ip address from your instructions - and printed pretty quickly - what a relief! - not having to boot to OS9! My only trouble was using ASME C (17x22) - it didn't show up in Page Setup, only showed Arch C (18x24) I made a custom page size of ASME C and it all was OK in the dialogs but then previewed as 4 pages and only showed one color of the drawing It printed fine using ASME D preset - I'll have to play more - in any case I use D and E size mostly John Broderick
  3. and BTW I tried zooming the window with the lower corner, but it just made the existing window bigger; it didn't reveal the buttons
  4. Thanks!! I've been using VW for 11 years and that one had me stumped and frustrated - and of course, I'm in the midst of drawings that need to be sent tonite - thanks for taking the time to reply
  5. My resource palette in 8.5.1- all of a sudden has none of the buttons on the right side - it only has the navigable file tree I rebuilt the desktop, trashed the preferences, and reinstalled the program, and the same thing has happened - I can't edit or import symbols as there are no buttons any Ideas please?
  6. Hello Kevin The way you described the PPD setup with the laserwriter driver worked like a charm - thanks for the help So there are several ways to do it - 'cause I was printing it to a pdf and then printing it as a postscript "file" - it meant lots of running to the chooser and back Considering that over 30 years ago we sent a man to the moon and back safely, one would think that we could print a D or E size drawing without all of us searching the discussion groups for assistance
  7. oh yeah - it says in the jetdirect manual to use a turnaround ethernet cable if attaching your mac directly to the jetdirect - but it's better to have an ethernet router between the mac and the jetdirect Make sure you get a jetdirect compatible with your machine and appletalk - the list is at this linkhttp://www.hp.com/cposupport/printers/support_doc/bpm06401.html and I downloaded all the manuals and drivers directly from the HP site
  8. i bought a jetdirect for my 455CA on ebay for $25 - there are boatloads of them - make sure you are getting the right one for your printer and that it comes with a power supply the 455 and the 450 should be essentially the same machine (same manual for both) I bought my 455 on ebay with no software So go to the HP site and download the 450 RIP software and the laserwriter 8 software and the adobe PS printer driver I print to a pdf then in the chooser I get the adobe ps driver and print the pdf as a PS file then I use the RIP software to send it to the printer On this forum others have said (I think Kurt) that I don't have to go thru all those steps - that I can use the laserwriter driver and print to a PS file - but the laserwriter driver doesn't give me optiions for a D size page
  9. thanks to all for the tips - I'll try them - and I'll post the results
  10. I have a 455ca / TiBook 667 / OS 9.2 / running HP RIP thru a routed network to a jetdirect server - when I generate a pdf of a drawing using pdf writer or printtopdf - I get an error from the rip software telling me the format is not supported - so I then have to use the adobe ps print driver to make a .ps file so the rip software recognizes it - What am I doing wrong? How can you send a pdf direct to the printer? What do you choose in the chooser in your server that's on OS9.2 Thanks in advance - John Broderick
  11. and while we're on the subject I have a TiBook 667 - VW 8.5 - 455ca - OS9.2 and I have to print it to a pdf - then open the pdf and in the chooser select the adobe PS driver that I downloaded - then print that to a file - then open the file in the HP RIP - and then print it you can imagine the weeks it took me to figure this method - when I tried to export from VW to an EPS it would truncate the drawing Is there any easier way?????
  12. try this print it to a pdf - then open the pdf and in the chooser select the adobe PS driver - then print that to a .ps file - and send it to the printer
  13. and to continue (I hit the wrong button) - when I export to EPS in vector works it comes out truncated - only 17 inches of a C size 22 inch will show up in the preview - I've tried all the page sizes and landscape and portrait etc - I'm ready to sell the thing - any ideas? Thanks in advance
  14. Help - I've been reading your posts on the 455ca - I have one, with VW 8.5.1, TiBook 667, OS 9.2.2, HP RIP for the 455ca 1.1a and the proper laserwriter driver


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