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  1. We have since spoken to a few Canon tech-heads and discovered that the large-format plotters are generally installed with an EFI Fiery board as they are printing graphics, CAD plans, etc. for much of the time. The Fiery board is apparently a far more powerful board and therefore much quicker. Our Canon IR C3100 does not have a Fiery board. This may explain why it struggles to print complex drawings.
  2. Thanks Rick. All of our Macs are non-Intel machines. The issue appears to be related to digital Canons rather than large-format bubbleJet plotters.
  3. Since upgrading to VW 12 and then 12.5, we have been unable to print to our Canon IR C3100 multi-functional digital laser printer. If we turn Quartz imaging off, plans print but without transpareny to layers that is a main feature of the new VW version. The problem presents in two ways depending on which printer driver we select (and yes we have updated to the latest Canon drivers). The first version is that the print job sends from VW quite quickly and then spools through the print monitor also quickly, but when it is received at the printer it sits there forever and doesn't print. The next version is that the print job makes it out of VW to the print monitor but never leaves the print monitor on the Mac - just spools forever. Sending the same file to our plotter (also a Canon - large format W7250) results in a normal print job in rapid timeframe with no problems at all. We have spoken to Canon - they are completely in the dark re the solution for this problem. I can't find any similar problems reported with Canon digital multi-functional devices (combination printer, scanner, fax & photocopier). We run 10 iMacs all running OS10.4.7/OS10.4.8 over a standard cat-5 ethernet network through a latest model switch. The problem is the same from all Macs in the office. Any clues?
  4. Katie, The problems are on one of our iMacs printing to an HP 755CM. I have just checked the CarbonLib extension and it is v1.4. I will upgrade to v1.5 and let you know how I get on. Thanks for the assistance. Chuck
  5. We are running Mac G3 and G4, OS 9.0.4 to OS 9.2 - with VW 9.5 set to say A4 portrait, reset the page to A1 landscape, set print area still shows A4 portrait. This happens only intermittently and the only cure is to quit the programme and open it again. Any clues?
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